Holly Willoughby forgets to social distance from Phillip Schofield on This Morning as he yells at co-host to ‘get back’

On Wednesday’s This Morning,Holly Willoughby momentarily forgot the two metre social distancing rules and ran over to help Phillip Schofield during a science experiment.

In a moment of excitement, Holly, 39, ran over to help Phillip with the task of floating paper clips in water, when he quickly moved away from her and said: “Don't be so close. Get back, get back."

The 58 year old told Holly: "Get back to your corner."

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Remembering the rules, Holly giggled as she headed back to her side of the studio and said: "Of course, two metres, two metres, sorry".

Holly’s mishap divided viewers, with some branding it “unacceptable”, while others thought that it was a funny accident.

One viewer wrote: "The whole country just freaked out at @thismorning and Holly forgetting about social distancing. [Laughing] at Schofe dashing away; they make my day."

Another said: “@hollywills Holly you are so sweet .. you went straight to Phil when he needed your help with the paper clip .. totally forgetting the 2m rule..” [sic]

However, some less than impressed viewers wrote: “Nice #SocialDistancing Holly and Phil ! @thismorning #thismorning."

And another wrote: “SO lemme get this straight I've not been allowed to see my pals for 10 weeks but Holly and Phil doing s**t science experiments on This Morning while breaking social distancing is 'essential'??? not acceptable @thismorning.” [sic]

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Holly and Phil have been keeping two metres apart from each other as they present This Morning from the ITV studios in London.

On Tuesday’s instalment of the popular show, the co-stars were left in stitches after Holly was caught trying to order their lunch live on air.

While they sat apart at a marble-topped table on the set after coming back from the advert break, the pair giggled mischievously.

Phillip then said: “I’m not gonna take it because it’s just back here, but I’m going to move this.”

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Holly looked down at the table while Phillip dragged a large plate piled with fruit away from the middle of the table, exposing Holly’s phone with a pink case on sitting behind it.

The pair began laughing as Holly’s phone lay in the middle of the table, while the crew can also be heard laughing along behind the camera.

Holly then shrugged disapprovingly before snatching her phone and placing it beside her while Phillip laughed and placed the fruit plate back in its place.

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As she opened her mouth and said: “I…” Phillip interrupted her to expose her antics.

Phillip, who recently showed off his new lockdown hairdo, said: “Holly’s ordering our lunch,” as he continued to giggle.

As she looked unimpressed, Holly explained: “Ordering our lunch and we just decided on what we wanted to have and we were right up to the break and we almost ran the break again because we couldn’t decide,” as she animated her point by slamming her hand on the table in frustration.

The TV co-hosts then laughed again before Holly said: “But, then we thought that would be unfair!”

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