Hollyoaks spoilers: Sami Maalik is the victim of an Islamaphobic attack on Eid – thanks to Ste Hay?

Ste Hay’s (Kieron Richardson) radicalisation at the hands of Jonny Baxter (Ray Quinn) and Stuart Sumner (Chris Simmons) has caused plenty of animosity in Hollyoaks, as the young lad has made it his mission to make the Maaliks’ lives a living hell due to the fact that he holds Misbah (Harvey Virdi) responsible for Tegan’s (Jessica Ellis) death. However, with the Maaliks celebrating Eid in the coming episodes, Sami (Rishi Nair) finds himself the victim of an Islamophobic attack — but is Ste the one responsible?

The Maalik family decide to celebrate Eid by throwing a party at their place. Jonny and Stuart — the former of whom currently lives next door — aren’t best pleased to learn about this, and as a result they begin to hatch a plan to scare the clan into backing down.

With the party well underway, Leah and Lucas sneak out of Ste’s house and enter the Maaliks’, hoping to join in on the celebrations. Upon learning what his children are up to, Ste is fuming and, as a result, he crashes the party and causes a bit of a scene, before dragging Leah and Lucas back home. However, Stuart and Jonny remain behind, and intimidate the Maaliks further.

Later, Leah vents her frustrations at Ste over his recent behaviour and — with emotions evidently running high — she tells him that she wishes Sami was her dad.

Jonny and Stuart take advantage of Leah’s comments, using them to further manipulate Ste, hoping to get him in on their plan to scare Sami.

Later, a mystery assailant pepper-sprays Sami in the middle of the street.

The following day, a policeman turns up on Jonny and Ste’s doorstep to make enquiries about where to the two men where on the night in question.

Have Stuart and Jonny managed to successfully manipulate Ste into attacking Sami?

Or is someone else responsible for the attack?

One to watch: Friday 9th August at 7pm on E4.

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