Home and Away cast confessions – racy scenes, adult tape leak, scheduling romps

Aussie soap Home And Away has been gracing our television screens since 1988.

In the 34 years that have followed, Summer Bay has seen its fair share of racy goings on, from illicit kisses to raunchy affairs that have had viewers absolutely gripped.

But there has been plenty to talk about off screen too.

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From a raunchy sex tape to a Home And Away star who revealed that she regularly schedules time to have sex with her hubby, we have a look back.

Steamy sex scene

Some Home and Away fans were a bit shocked when Bonnie Sveen appeared in a racy sex scene in a TV series.

The blonde actress played cute Ricky Sharpe in Summer Bay from 2013 to 2016 and fans knew her for her girl next door charm.

But she showed off a very different side of herself in a TV series entitled Spartacus, in which she played the character Chadara.

Steamy love scenes showed the stunning star scantily clad as she romped with the character Crixius (played by Manu Bennett) – and fans were stunned.

Lincoln Lewis' sex tape

Lincoln starred as heartthrob George Campbell for three years before leaving the soap in 2010.

There was a bit of a scandal during his time in Summer Bay when it emerged that he had filmed a sex tape with an Australian TV star, who wasn't identified.

"You do stupid things when you are young," the actor told Australian media after it all came out.

"But you learn from your mistakes, that's part of growing up."

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Lincoln said the mistake, and what he had learned from the whole thing, would "contribute a lot to making me a better person in the future".

Scheduled sex

Tammin Sursok – who is best known as the show's Dani Sutherland – once revealed that she and her husband kept the passion alive by scheduling time to get between the sheets.

Opening up on Kidspot's podcast, The Juggling Act, she said having children affected things between her and her hubby Sean McEwen a bit, because they were tired and bickering and not getting intimate.

However, the actress decided that things really needed to change because the pair loved each other so much and wanted to make things work better.

So they changed things up and they started making sure that they got away together once a month "to communicate and have sex and talk".

Tammin advised other parents: "Go and have a drink. Have sex. Schedule it."

"If I didn't schedule sex, I would never have it," she said.

"I have sex on Tuesdays and Fridays because that's when the nanny is there. Sometimes it starts a little awkward but then I go 'Oh I like this'."


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