Homes Under The Hammer's houses from HELL – from front doors 10ft off the ground to stairs that could kill you

HOMES Under The Hammer has provided a smorgasbord of properties for viewers since it began in May 2003.

While 99 per cent usually need quite a bit of work doing to make them habitable, some are so bad they even leave the presenters at a loss as to how they can be salvaged.

Here's a round up of just some of the homes from HELL that have featured on the BBC show.


In one episode, Martin Roberts visited a terraced house in Northamptonshire, where he got a shock when he went upstairs.

He said: "At the top of the stairs, a nice surprise, a really good sized bathroom, almost too big.

“You’re going to need a new bathroom suite unless you’re a reptile and then it’s perfect.”

As he headed along the hallway, he stopped and looked up at the high ceiling and an entrance point to the loft, which had no obvious way to reach it.

He said: “I love that. As a loft hatch, that’s a little bit unusable for the majority of people.”


In another episode, Martin was left mortified when he accidentally walked into the wrong house while in Wales.

As he entered he said: "With that kind of money your expectations have got to be set fairly low.

"And yet you come in through the front door and there’s this little entrance area, and then…wow!

"Really, really impressive lobby/entrance area. Wow, really nice sized front living room, some nice features going on."

But as the BBC presenter continued his tour around the property, he asked: "Am I missing something?"

And as he looked over the upstairs of the property, he went on: "Then you go down this little corridor here to another door…"

Turning back to the camera, he asked: "What’s this all about?"

The property expert then made a hasty retreat and revealed: "Um, right. I think that’s another house – better move swiftly on.

"Believe it or not, it’s a door to an adjoining property – that’s a new one for me!"


Martin has had plenty of other surprises over the years, and when he visited a bungalow in Stafford, he found it didn't meet building regulations.

During his house tour, Roberts came across an odd looking cupboard behind him.

He said: "Umm shelving, carpeted. That’s interesting,” indicating that he was not very keen on the design.

However, Martin decided to look at the cupboard and that's when he realised they weren't carpeted shelves at all, it was actually a staircase., which he deemed as "highly illegal."

Martin exclaimed: “Hang on a minute! You know those things I thought were carpeted shelves. I don’t believe it. It’s a staircase.

“Okay, one thing for sure it’s dusty and it doesn’t meet building regulations."


Dion Dublin has also had some hairy moments while presenting, particularly at a house in Cumbria.

As he walked through the carpeted hallway, adorned with a striking brick fireplace, Dion let out a squeal prompted by a stark warning.

He told the BBC programme: "Just across the hallway here, now careful, careful, down those stairs – very steep stairs – stairs going up to the bedrooms.

"Have a look at these stairs – that is a big drop. Into the second reception room, again, really high ceilings."

In a voiceover to camera, the Homes Under The Hammer frontman added: "This house is odd, and even the layout is a break from the norm, sometimes that can be a good thing, but a property will all these steps wouldn’t be for everyone."


Martin was given a rickety ladder to climb up in Fareham, Hampshire when viewing a collection of properties up for auction. 

Selling in one single lot, the lucky auction winner would get their hands on a fish and chip shop as well as a flat and a storage area. 

… The only catch was you had to use a ladder in the courtyard to even get into the home as the door was hoisted several feet off the floor. 

“You also got a two-bedroom flat above – but the access to it would be easy if you could leap like a salmon,” he joked. 

Spotting the ladder, he added: “That can’t be it, can it? I think it is, you know…” 


Show boss and head of Lion TV, Lisa Hazlehurst, told The Guardian: "Martin fell through some floorboards once. We were lucky enough to catch it on camera.”

While Martin escaped unscathed, he recalled another funny incident saying: "This guy bought this house, and it had such bad subsidence that I could roll a Coca-Cola can from one end of the floor to the other – it just rolled down.

“I said to the guy: ‘Can’t you see the floor?’ And he said: ‘Yeah, but it’s on a hill.’”

Homes Under the Hammer airs on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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