How many episodes are in Vienna Blood season 2?

Vienna Blood: A sneak peak at episode two

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Vienna Blood first aired on BBC Two back in 2019 and there has been a long wait ahead of the upcoming episodes. The show is made up of 90-minute instalments, which originally aired weekly on the network. has all you need to know about what to expect from season two.

How many episodes are in Vienna Blood season 2?

In season two of Vienna Blood, Junior doctor Max Liebermann (played by Matthew Beard) trails Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt (Jürgen Maurer) on a murder case.

The new episodes will be set a few years after the events of the first instalment, and it is autumn.

The eerie synopsis for the first episode, which will air at 9pm, reads: “When a depressed Hungarian Countess is found drowned in the bath of her lavish hotel suite, it looks like suicide.

“Intense scrutiny falls on her psychoanalyst, Max Liebermann. Investigating Officer Oskar Rheinhardt teams up with the disgraced doctor to solve the riddle of the Countess’ death and clear Max’s professional reputation.”

Once again, each episode will be 90 minutes long, ending at 10.30pm.

Season two is also made up of three episodes, and they have all been given unique titles.

The Melancholy Countess, The Devil’s Kiss and Darkness Rising will air on consecutive Fridays.

This means the final episode will be released on Christmas Eve, an exciting festive treat for fans.

If viewers would rather wait to binge the series, all three episodes will be added to BBC iPlayer to catch up.

The show has been described as falling in the same vein as Sherlock, but it did not receive the best reviews.

Hopefully the new season will have a lasting impact on viewers as it has been given a second chance.

A synopsis for the second episode, airing on December 17, has also been released.

It says: “Vienna, 1907, and a beggar-girl finds a mutilated corpse in the slum quarter.

“The man’s hand and tongue have been severed. Direktor Strasser warns Oskar that the victim was a Secret Service agent and the investigation is not the concern of the Leopoldstadt police.

“But when Oskar receives anonymous messages relating to the murder, he can’t resist delving further.”

Fans are yet to see an official trailer for the series, but they can expect more mysterious murders.

They took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the upcoming season, with Little Miss Christmas saying: “OMG I cannot WAIT for the new series of #ViennaBlood.

“I get so excited at the trailers. I love it when Oskar says to Max ‘welcome to the case’.”

Ian Hemmens added: “Last series was very good. A nice change from the usual detective crime series.”

MJ commented: “#ViennaBlood is back in full force and I love it! #AmWatching.”

Vienna Blood is written by Sherlock’s Steve Thompson with the new episodes inspired by the Max Liebermann novels by Frank Tallis.

These new episodes are set in 1907, and the change between the centuries is an interesting time according to Austrian star Maurer.

Speaking to he said: “It was the time for revolution not only in science, like psychology but also in fine arts and music. Vienna was a hotspot for this development.

“What really surprised me was how filming changed my view on Vienna because you get so used to all the pictures and buildings and the sites that you forget how well you can shoot a period film in it.”

Vienna Blood season 2 starts on BBC Two tonight, December 10

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