How many people did Ted Bundy kill? Who were the serial killer’s victims?

After the release of the 2019 film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, there was a spike in interest in the serial killer.

And now, 31 years after he died, there heinous crimes of the killer have been explored again in the Amazon Prime documentary Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer.

But this time we hear the story from the perspective of Bundy’s longterm girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall.

The five-part docu-series will also show accounts from some of Bundy’s victims, some of them speaking for the first time.

Over a period of five years Bundy mercilessly killed, attacked and raped innocent women across the US, before being executed by electrocution.

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While the story of one of the most prolific serial killer in American history is well-known, we will never know the full extent of Bundy’s vicious crimes.

How many people did Ted Bundy kill?

Bundy confessed to 30 murders, but the true body count is thought to be much higher than that.

Some numbers suggest he could have killed 100 or more between 1974 and 1978.

The list of names below is incomplete, because Bundy also confessed to killing hitchhikers whose names are unknown.

It also includes Bundy victims who managed to escape and survive.

Who were Ted Bundy’s victims?

Karen Sparks, 18

Karen Sparks, also known as Joni Lenz, is widely regarded as Bundy’s first victim.

She was a student at the University of Washington, and was raped and attacked with a metal bedpost on January 4, 1974.

Incredibly, she survived the attack, but suffered permanent physical and mental disabilities.

Lynda An Healey, 21

Lynda Ann Healey was also a student of the University of Washington. She was kidnapped from campus on February 1, 1974 and murdered.

Her body was found in 1975 on Taylor Mountain, near Issaquah, Washington.

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Donna Gail Manson, 19

Donna Gail Manson was a freshman at the Evergreen State College in Olympia.

She is believed to have been killed in March 1974, after disappearing on her way to a concert.

Her body was never found, but after confessing Bundy claimed he had burned her skull in his girlfriend Liz Kendall’s fireplace.

Susan Elaine Rancourt, 18

Susan Elaine Rancourt also disappeared on college campus a month later.

She was a student as Central Washington State College, east of Seattle.

Susan’s skull was later found near Taylor Mountain, where Bundy placed several skulls over the years.

Roberta Kathleen Parks, 20

Roberta Kathleen Parks, 20, was abducted from Oregon State University in April 1974.

The student disappeared somewhere between her dorm room and a coffee shop, where her friends were waiting for her.

Her skull was also found at Taylor Mountain, during the same search where Rancourt’s was identified.

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Branda Carol Ball, 22

Branda Carol Ball was abducted from a town south of Seattle in June 1974.

Her skull was also found at Taylor Mountain.

Georgann Hawkins, 18

Georgann Hawkins went missing when walking from the University of Washington campus to her boyfriend’s house in June 1974.

Her body was never found, but Bundy confessed to knocking her unconscious before taking her away in his car and murdering her.

Denise Marie Naslund, 18

Denise Marie Naslund disappeared from Lake Sammamish State Park in July 1974.

On the same day he kidnapped Janice Ott, 23, from the same place.

Their bodies were found two months later on a hillside near Issaquah.

Nancy Wilcox, 16

Nancy Wilcox disappeared near her home in Holiday, Utah in October 1974.

The cheerleader had gone out to buy a pack of gum, and witnesses later thought they had seen her riding in a Volkswagen Bug.

Bundy confessed to sexually assaulting and strangling her, and burying her body near Capitol Reef National Park. However her body has never been found.

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Melissa Ann Smith, 17

Melissa Ann Smith went missing on Halloween, October 31, 1974 after meeting a friend at a pizza parlour.

Her body was later found nine days later in Summit Park, in the mountains east of Salt Lake City.

Laura Ann Aime, 17

Laura Ann Aime went missing the same day after leaving a cafe.

Her family didn’t realise she was missing for a few days, and hikers found her body frozen in the mountains a month later.

Carole DaRonch, 18

Carole DaRonch was approached by Bundy at the Fashion Place Mall in Utah in November 1974.

He posed as a police officer, and told the girl her car was broken into and she needed to go to the police station.

As Bundy tried to handcuff her, she managed to break free and escape. A couple driving nearby brought her to the police station.

Debi Kent, 17

Debi Kent was approached a few hours later after a performance of a high school play in Bountiful, Utah.

Bundy confessed to murdering her and burying her body in the same area as Nancy Wilcox.

But he had left a clue in the car park – a key matching the handcuffs that DaRonch escaped with.

Caryn Eileen Campbell, 23

Caryn Eileen Campbell disappeared when heading to her hotel room in Aspen.

The medical nurse left her fiancé and his children in the hotel lobby while she grabbed a magazine from the room.

Her body was nude and beaten to death at the side of a road in January 1975.

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Julie Cunningham, 26

Julie Cunningham was approached by Bundy when she went to meet her roommate at a local bar in Colorado.

Bundy approached the ski instructor to ask for help with his crutches, before kidnapping her.

Denise Lynn Oliverson, 24

Denise Lynn Oliverson disappeared while riding her bike to her parents home in April 1975.

Bundy later confessed to killing her and dumping her body in the Colorado River.

Her body was never found, but police found her bike under a viaduct.

Lynette Culver, 12

Lynette Culver was abducted from her neighbourhood in Pocatello, Idaho in May 1975.

The youngest of Bundy’s known victims, he raped and murdered her in a hotel bathtub before throwing her into Snake river.

Bundy confessed to her murder before he died, but her body has never been found.

Susan Curtis, 15

Susan Curtis was abducted by Bundy while walking back to her room as she left a Mormon youth conference in June 1975.

Curtis was the last of the victims Bundy confessed to, while he was walking down the hall to be executed.

However, her body has never been found.

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman, 21

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman was attacked in her bed in the middle of the night in January 1978.

After bludgeoning her to death with a piece of firewood, he continued his rampage in the Florida State University sorority house.

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Lisa Levy, 20, Kathy Kleiner, 20, Karen Chandler, 22

He proceeded to the room of Lisa Levy who was Bowman’s sorority sister.

Bundy viciously beat and strangled her to death in the same house.

He then continued to attack Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler, 22.

Both Kleiner and Chandler survived but suffered permanent injury.

Cheryl Tomas, 21

After leaving the Chi Omega house, Bundy crawled through the window of 21-year-old student Cheryl Thomas’ house.

She escaped with her life because a neighbour hared the noise, but suffered permanent deafness.

Kimberly Leach, 12

Kimberly Leach was Bundy’s last victim before he was caught, and was one of his youngest.

She was kidnapped near her school in Lake City, Florida in February 1978.

Her body was found 35 miles away in Suwannee River State Park.

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