How Meghan Markle and Ellen Degeneres Became Friends

The Duchess of Sussex has a lot of famous friends. She met some of them before she met her husband. Her time as an actress netted her a ton of A-list connections. 

She’s met even more famous people since becoming a duchess. Everyone wants to be seen with her. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is one of the lucky few who has.

On a recent trip to the UK, DeGeneres met with the royal couple and even got to cuddle Baby Archie. It turns out Duchess Meghan and DeGeneres already knew each other before Markle got married, thanks to a strange chance encounter. 

The weird way Meghan Markle met Ellen Degeneres

Both women are famous for being animal lovers. It turns out they were at the same animal shelter at the same time. DeGeneres arrived shortly after Markle and found her cuddling an adoptable dog. DeGeneres was with her wife, Portia de Rossi, and thought the Suits actress and the canine were meant to be. 

DeGeneres reportedly urged Markle to adopt the dog. Even after she went out to her car, she actually came back and tapped on the window, mouthing “take the dog!” through the glass.

Markle did end up adopting the dog: She named him Bogart. And although she wouldn’t meet DeGeneres again for a while, she would always remember how the TV host influenced her decision. 

Interestingly, DeGeneres has no memory of the meeting. She is happy that it happened, and they’ve gotten close since Markle’s wedding. 

Ellen Degeneres met Baby Archie

Not only did DeGeneres get to meet Archie on a recent trip to the U.K., she also got to hold him. She’s planning on sharing more details of the visit on her show. 

She says Archie looks just like Prince Harry, and he has a lot of hair. She joked about his weight, saying: “He weighs 15 lbs., which is, the exchange rate, is 17 dollars here!”

They’re all good friends now

DeGeneres and the Duchess of Sussex actually make a perfect friend match. Both women are passionate about the environment, and they both have an incredible platform to accomplish their goals. 

Now that they’ve gotten closer, DeGeneres plans on working with Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry on environmental issues. The royal couple is working with elephants in Botswana, and DeGeneres is doing conservation work for gorillas in Rwanda. Given the similar goals of their campaigns, both parties think a joint venture is in their future. 

Their new closeness led DeGeneres to defend the royal couple when they recently came under fire for taking a private jet on vacation. She took to social media to say: “Imagine being attacked for everything you do, when all you’re trying to do is make the world better.”

She clearly thinks the world of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Ellen Degeneres isn’t the only celebrity defending them

A few other big names have jumped to the royal couple’s defense after the private jet incident. Elton John has been one of their most passionate defenders. The jet was actually his, and he loaned it to the royal couple.

John was close friends with Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother. He felt that a little rest and relaxation was in order for the couple after a busy year of trying to save the world, hence why he lent them his jet and a vacation home. He also took to social media in an attempt to stop the onslaught of attacks against them, although it doesn’t seem to have done much good. 

The royal couple is probably getting used to all the media criticism by now. At the beginning of their relationship, Prince Harry himself tried to call out the British tabloids for their terrible portrayal of he and Markle, but it doesn’t seem to affect them at all. Hopefully all the negative attention won’t keep the royal couple from all their positive work. 

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