I'm A Celebrity 2021 latest – Fans devastated as show makes MAJOR change due to panic over covid outbreak

I’M A Celebrity bosses have axed their emotional family reunion scenes for a second consecutive year amid Covid fears.

Producers wanted a relative or pal of each remaining campmate to enter the castle in the final 48 hours.

But they felt getting them to quarantine just in case their loved ones made it to the end was a step too far.

It comes after Richard Madeley was deemed to have broken the Covid bubble when he went to hospital last week.

The family slot became a fan favourite after 2018’s tear-jerking scenes when football manager Harry Redknapp’s wife Sandra entered the Australian jungle as a surprise.

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  • Louis Allwood

    Fans not happy with recent exit

    Fans have claimed the show is ‘fixed’ as Kadeena was the second to be kicked from the show, leaving Naughty Boy still in the castle.

    Kadeena, 30, lasted 14 days in the Castle – but failed to secure the votes she needed to stay any longer.

    Fans raged on Twitter that she was kicked out over Naughty Boy, who rowed with her over rice and beans earlier in the season.

    One wrote: “WHAT?!! ARE YOU JOKING?! no should not have been Kadeena why is Naughty Boy still there?! such a bloody fix.”

    Another said: “Naughty Boy has managed to p*** everyone off and he’s still there??? If he isn’t gone tonight, it’s a fix!”

  • Louis Allwood

    Arlene revealed stars got to watch Netflix when removed from castle

    At 78, she was the oldest star in Gwrych Castle and had struggled with the harsher conditions in The Clink.

    Details of the lavish stay is the latest luxury touch to this year’s show, after sources revealed heated sand bags were laid around camp and crew were leaving sweets and treats for the celebs.

    Speaking from a comfy sofa as a Christmas tree glistened nearby, Arlene said: "We definitely didn’t get our phones back, I wish.

    "The only thing we had to watch was Netflix. No news, no family contact, nothing."

  • Louis Allwood

    Arlene did her hair during storm quarantine

    Arlene also revealed she was able to do a DIY job on her roots before heading back into camp.

    She said: “For me it was great because I managed to get delivered my Josh Wood (hair dye) and I could do my roots. That was the biggest thrill of a lifetime, to go back without my roots showing. It was a good thing for me.

    “And then we went back into the castle we just immediately got on with the job in hand, getting everything prepared. It was cold, we had to make the fire, get on with it.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Who is left in the show?

    Following last night’s eviction, there are only 9 celebrities left in the castle.

    • Frankie Bridge
    • Matty Lee
    • Naughty Boy
    • David Ginola
    • Adam Woodyatt
    • Simon Gregson
    • Snoochie Shy
    • Louise Minchin
    • Danny Miller

    Cyclone challenge could be AXED

    Bosses are worried that the legendary Celebrity
    Cyclone will have to be abandoned over fears it will freeze over.

    The task sees the stars attempting to grab stars from a slippery hill
    as they’re blasted with wind, water ­cannons, foam and balls.

    Producers for the ITV are closely monitoring the weather for the end
    of the week when they are due to film it, just as Storm Barra is set
    to hit North Wales.

    Bosses have even considered ski suit type costumes instead of the
    lycra knights outfit they wore last year.

    In Australia, where the show
    was filmed pre-pandemic, celebs wore superhero outfits.

    But with snow forecast, ITV chiefs fear it will be too dangerous to
    film as temperatures drop below zero.

    Latest odds to win

    William Hill’s latest odds are:

    • David Ginola – 11-10
    • Frankie Bridge – 4-1
    • Simon Gregson – 9-2
    • Danny Miller – 9-2
    • Naughty Boy – 8-1
    • Adam Woodyatt – 33-1
    • Louise Minchin – 33-1
    • Snoochie Shy – 40-1
    • Matty Lee – 50-1

    David Ginola’s naked house walkiing

    David revealed more about his naked house walking back home in France.

    He said: “Not in public places, ­obviously, but at home in the South of France in my villa I spend most of my day naked in the garden.

    “I’m gardening naked. It’s probably being back to nature, back to what we were at the beginning.

    “It’s for myself, not for others. I’m not an exhibitionist, I’m not showing to anyone.

    “If someone is coming I will dress up but when I’m alone in my house I will walk in the grass outside, and I like to be like that.

    “I would be able to walk on an empty beach like that. I think it’s very good, it’s not that bad. It’s just nice to be like that.”

    Fans love Wayne Bridge's letter

    Fans loved Wayne's sweet words to his wife, and took to Twitter to gush over The Saturday's star as their "queen of the castle".

    "Frankie is the queen of the castle in my eyes. What a beautiful family she has too," one woman wrote.

    A second chimed in: "Love that Frankie can just be 100% herself. Her relationship with her husband seems perfect."

    "Frankie and Wayne are couple goals," concluded a third.

    Frankie Bridge takes on tonight's trial

    The 32-year-old undertakes The Grim Grinder, a trial that sees her strapped into a moving metal cage while answering questions as food and creepy crawlies are dumped on top of her.

    In a teaser for tonight's episode, viewers see The Saturdays star getting covered in rotten food as the cage is turned upside and she's asked to spell potato dauphinoise in 60-seconds.

    Host Declan Donnelly says: "Here's your question, Dauphinoise potatoes are made with cream and garlic, just spell Dauphinoise."

    Attempting to spell in the moving casket, Frankie begins: "D-a-u-l" to which Dec says: "No, start again".

    Trying not to get the rotten food in her mouth, the star starts again: "D-a-u-p-h-i-n-a-u-r-e" which is once again incorrect.

    Fans will have to wait until tonight to see how Frankie fairs and if she manages to pick up much-needed stars for camp.

    • Louis Allwood

      Louise Minchin squirms during trial

      The broadcaster, 53, teamed up with Paralympian Kadeena Cox to take on Critter-cal Cages, a challenge which saw them racing against the clock to win as many stars for camp as possible.

      Kadeena was tasked with collecting keys from a box full of snakes and unlocking boxes which contained critters with some boxes holding stars.

      The boxes were then dropped on Louise who had to find the stars and collect them.

      The duo won all the stars up for grabs.

    • Louis Allwood

      Who will be next for the chop?

      There is likely to be a Castle eviction every night this week.

      Then on Sunday we will have a new King or Queen of the Castle.

      But who will be the next celebrity to get the chop?

      The bookies currently think it will be Matty or Snoochie.

    • Louis Allwood

      'Keep being you Simon'

      Matty read Simon’s letter from home and his was from his wife and sons.

      It said: “We’re all missing you like crazy.

      “I’m so glad that everyone has seen the hilarious, kind and mischievous man I married.

      “Keep being you Simon because that is enough. Dad, I miss you and love you but, I have to confess while you’re there, I broke the fence while playing football.

      “You can’t tell me off because you’ve been farting and wafting it on national TV.

      “Seriously though Dad, you’re smashing it. Our kind, super cool dad, you’re our hero.” 

      Simon said: “After all this time in here, it was just nice to have a little taste of home.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Snoochie got a letter from her mum

      Frankie read Snoochie’s letter from her mum.

      The lovely letter said: “There are not enough words to describe how proud we all are of everything you’ve accomplished so far.

      “You are truly an inspiration and I am in awe of you.

      “Magnum is absolutely fine and has been watching you on TV. Zac says, ‘Yo, keep killing it big sis #letthemknow.”

      Snoochie said: “I can’t explain the feeling I’m feeling right now. I feel I could turn
      into candy floss.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Frankie Bridge horrified

      Frankie Bridge was left horrified as her husband Wayne shared a very personal bombshell in her letter from home.

      The former Saturday's singer was left blushing through her tears as her other-half made a reference to missing her constant wind and "wafting".

      "It’s been so good watching you just being yourself. Farting, wafting – blame it on the beans, hey babe?" he joked, as the singer blushed.

      She laughed off the intimate bombshell, and her giggles quickly turned to tears as her sons wrote a few words at the end of the letter.

      "Mummy, you are the best mummy in the whole wide world, you are strong like daddy. Love you even more than the world," the note concluded.

      Fans loved Wayne's sweet words to his wife, and took to Twitter to gush over The Saturday's star as their "queen of the castle".

    • Louis Allwood

      David Ginola’s daughter enjoys luxury break

      WHILE David Ginola has been battling freezing temperatures and creepy-crawlies on I'm A Celebrity his daughter Carla has been enjoying a five-star break.

      The influencer, 27, has taken to social media to give her followers a glimpse of her and her fiancé Adrien Rosenpick's jaw-dropping £2,400-a-night stay.

      Carla, whose mum is French model Coraline, recently checked into the LUX* Grand Baie Resort and showed off the luxurious stay on her Instagram.

      The idyllic boutique-style hotel is based on the northern shores of Mauritius and boasts three restaurants, fours bars as well as four pools that look directly onto the Indian Ocean.

      Many of Carla's photos from her trip show off her sensational resort style while posing along on the destination's white sandy beaches or on a sun lounger.

      She also gave her 440,000 followers a glimpse into their lavish suite that sported white walls, a super-king-sized bed and walk-in wardrobe.

      While Carla has been living it up in paradise, her dad David, 54, has been battling plummeting temperatures, tensions and trials on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

    • Louis Allwood

      What happened in last night's show?

      It all kicked off when Naughty Boy told football legend David he should do the trial last night sparking a row within the camp.

      But the suggestion did not go down well with the former Newcastle megastar, 54, who marched out of camp to talk to producers.

      The star took massive exception to Naughty Boy's suggestion he should do that day's trial when the campmates were told to agree between themselves who should do the trial.

      But the music guru hit back, saying: "There is no need for you to say to me who do I think I am. I'm not allowing this to simmer. I'm not going to sit here and not say how I feel."

    • Louis Allwood

      Fans claim stars are picking on one campmate

      Fans are claiming that Naughty Boy is being 'bullied' within the castle by other campmates.

      Fans were fuming over the treatment of the 40-year-old music producer as more feuds erupted in the camp last night.

      Fans took to Twitter to defend Naughty Boy after he got in a row with David Ginola after pointing at him to suggest he should do the trial.

      One wrote: "Naughty Boy wasn’t the only one who said David should do it lmao! Borderline bullying now."

      A second said: "Bullying Naughty Boy for no reason."

      A third chimed in: "ITV needs to do something about this Naughty Boy bullying after EVERY episode. The guy does nothing, wins EVERY star for the camp and still gets bullied online. This is awful."

    • Louis Allwood

      Ladbrokes latest odds for tonight's elimination

      • Snoochie Shy – 1/4
      • Matty Lee – 6/1
      • Adam Woodyatt – 10/1
      • Louise Minchin – 12/1
      • Naughty Boy – 20/1
      • Simon Gregson – 33/1
      • Frankie Bridge – 50/1
      • Danny Miller – 66/1
      • David Ginola – 100/1

      Snoochie fave to go

      Snoochie Shy is the favourite with Ladbrokes to be the next celebrity booted out of Gwrych Castle.

      The bookies have revealed the latest I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! elimination odds, and it's the Radio 1Xtra DJ who is just 1/4 to be sent packing tonight, with Matty Lee being a 6/1 shot as things stand.

      Elsewhere, David Ginola is unsurprisingly the safest celeb in the castle, with 100/1 on offer for him to exit the show tonight.

      Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "It'll soon be curtains for Snoochie Shy if the latest odds are anything to go by, with punters clearly convinced her time in Gwrych Castle is up."

      Fans will not see family reunion scenes

      Bosses have axed their emotional family reunion scenes for a second consecutive year amid Covid fears.

      Producers wanted a relative or pal of each remaining campmate to enter the castle in the final 48 hours.

      But they felt getting them to quarantine just in case their loved ones made it to the end was a step too far.

      The family slot became a fan favourite after 2018’s tear-jerking scenes when football manager Harry Redknapp’s wife Sandra entered the Australian jungle as a surprise.

      Who is Snoochie Shy?

      Snoochie Shy also known as  ‘Cheyenne Davide’ was born on June 13, 1992, in London.

      Snoochie is very active on her social media, which is expected given her roles at MTV and BBC Radio 1 XTRA.

      Shy hosts the breakfast show on Radar Radio and in 2017 she became a resident presenter for fashion brand Missguided.

      She joined the BBC 1Xtra team and became a host on YO MTV raps.

      • Louis Allwood

        No phone access during Storm Arwen isolation

        Dame Arlene Phillips has revealed the I’m A Celebrity contestants were not allowed to access their phones, read the news or contact their families while they were removed from Gwrych Castle during Storm Arwen.

        The former Strictly Come Dancing judge, who at 78 was the oldest contestant to take part in the ITV series, left the show on Sunday night after receiving the fewest public votes.

        It came days after extreme weather conditions caused production difficulties at the set in North Wales, with three live shows cancelled and the stars taken from the camp as a precaution.

      • Louis Allwood

        I’m A Celebrity’s Cyclone challenge returns

        The famous Celebrity Cyclone has started to be erected in the grounds of Gwrych Castle today.

        The show’s most exciting challenge – the traditional pinnacle of the series – is set to take place in Wales for the second year running, despite warnings of yet more bad weather.

        The task sees the stars attempting to grab stars from a slippery hill as they’re blasted with wind, water ­cannons, foam and balls.

      • Louis Allwood

        Dec slams fans

        Host, Dec Donnelly has hit back at "harsh" fans who slated I'm A Celebrity contestants for crying whilst listening to letters written by loved ones.

        It wasn't the trails that had stars in tears last night but instead words from their family.

        Just two weeks into the reality TV experience, celebrities broke down in tears as they heard from their loved ones.

        It prompted viewers to make fun of the campmates, with one writing on Twitter: "I’ll never understand the drama over letters from home on TV shows. I’ve ignored texts longer than they are in the jungle! #ImACeleb."

        But after spotting this tweet from a fan, Dec shared it to his 6.7million followers.

        He said: "I think the people saying this are a bit harsh and probably don’t have small children!

        "Bearing in mind they isolated for 2 weeks before the series they’ve now been away from family, camping with strangers and starved for a full month! D."

      • Louis Allwood

        What did Danny Millers message say?

        The message read by David said:

        "Dear Daddy, it’s Steph and Albert here," the Newcastle United star read. "He recognises your voice on the telly and looks up at it when he hears you."

        "We all love watching your relationship with David blossom. Thank you, David for looking after our boy," David continued as he began to softly cry.

        "Finally, remember what I tell you every day – you are strong, you are wise, we feel extra lucky to call you ours. You are our daddy, our only daddy."

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