Im gaining weight to become my true authentic self – Im happier when Im fat

Most people want to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle to be at their happiest – but one bloke believes his 'authentic self' is morbidly obese.

In the latest episode of Sex with Alice Levine, Channel 4 presenter Alice Levine was seen chatting with 29-year-old Recruitment Executive, James who is "forcing himself" to gain weight.

The bloke, who moved to the UK from Australia, claims that some of his "earliest memories were of this love of fat and size" as he grew up watching cartoon characters with round bellies like Garfield, the cat who loves lasagne.

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The self-dubbed "gainer" added: "It's something that even as a child, I always really wanted that for myself."

Later in the show, James and Alice had a catch-up as he cooked a batch of "fat soup" – which was an adaptation of a soup his mother would make for him.

The original recipe was around 350 calories per bowl but he has adapted it so that his version is over 1,000 calories a bowl and contains two pints of double cream.

While chopping his ingredients, he said: "Gaining is not something that people typically talk about. We tend to keep it very close to our chests.

"This is the thing about becoming fat, I've been skinny my whole life and over the years I've made deliberate attempts to get bigger."

He then showed photos of himself when he was slim but claims his food choices are influenced by his mood and when he is at his most unhappy, he can't eat at all.

"Completely different person. The James on the top left [the bigger photo] is more the authentic James than the James on the right or on the bottom [the slimmer photos]," he added.

Alice then asked him whether he had any concerns about the increased health risks that come with the lifestyle he has chosen.

He replied: "I don't think that there are no health risks, because I think there are health risks with everything you do in life.

"But what I think is important is that my physical health is not the most important thing.

"I'm someone who, when I'm stressed, I go off food entirely. For me, the majority of my food experience has been 'I don't want to eat, I don't feel capable of eating.'

"Overeating is actually a sign of strong mental health, that I'm actually doing really well for myself."

When they sat down to eat, he added that he "used to shrink away from everything but now I want to take up space".

"I'm going to continue to take up space until I'm so big that you cannot pretend I don't exist."

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