Inside Im A Celebs biggest campmate betrayals – Strawberry-gate to cheaters

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Hunger, creepie crawlies and a complete lack of privacy is the perfect storm for a feud inside the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! castle.

And this year has been no exception as tensions continue to rise inside Gwrych Castle especially when it comes to the much-needed evening meals.

The star-studded contestants have already been put through their paces after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc on the castle grounds and forced the celebrities out of the camp site for three days.

Over the years there has been some major eruptions caught on camera from cheating scandals and major camp lies.

And as viewers tune in for highly-anticipated ITV show each night on the silver screen, Daily Star has taken a look back at some of the biggest campmate betrayals on air.

Amir Khan's Strawberry-gate drama

In 2017, Strawberry-gate gripped the nation when Iain Lee and Amir Khan shamelessly stuffed their faces with strawberries and cream before they returned to camp.

The pair successfully passed the Dingo Dollar challenge and won the prize thanks to the rest of their contestants back at the main camp.

On their way back to the camp, they inhaled the beloved summer treat without letting their other teammates get a look in.

When their betrayal came to light Amir went on to put the blame on the radio host for eating the strawberries.

He said: “I was scared. Iain, when he came into camp, he didn’t have the best reputation. Obviously, the way he acted and he split the camp up.

“My teammates would never expect me to do that. I put my hand up. Iain provoked me to do it. I mean he pushed me to do it.

“I did feel guilty but I kind of fixed it a bit by saying ‘you wouldn’t have liked those strawberries and that cream was so hot.'”

But Iain still faced most of the blame from the rest of the contestants who were furious with his actions.

At the time, many viewers felt that some of the remarks he received from his fellow campmates were on the verge of bullying.

Emily Atack sneaking food

Throughout the 18th series of I’m A Celeb, Emily Atack and Sair Khan grew quite close before she was evicted from the jungle one week in.

And inside the campsite, the pair acted as the cooks in the camp and they regularly made meals for the residents in the jungle.

During one episode, the camp had been granted a chilli which they chopped up into eight pieces so that those who wanted some with their dish could have some.

As everyone sat down to dinner, Malique could be heard asking where his slice of chilli had gone despite chopping enough for everyone.

But unsurprisingly, when Sair asked her other campmates, nobody confessed to taking the extra piece.

However, the former Inbetweeners actress later confessed in the Bush Telegraph that she had stolen the extra bit of chilli because she loves it so much which she continued to keep concealed from the rest of the group.

But when the Coronation Street left the camp, she soon discovered Emily’s deception.

After they showed her the clip of Emily pinching the last piece of chilli, the 30-year-old sat there absolutely gobsmacked at her action.

She said: “I am absolutely fuming! I can’t believe that. We're not friends anymore, she’s dead to me.”

Ruthie Henshall casually cheating

Fans were left up in arms during one of last year’s castle challenges.

During the first few weeks inside Gwrych Castle, West End star Ruthie Henshall turned to cheating when the contestants went head-to-hear in The Royal Tournament.

In the challenge the girls went head-to-head with the boys in order to win a banquet for their team, but it soon became clear that Ruthie became a little too competitive and caused uproar between the group.

The trial was split up into different segments, the first of which saw Ruthie and Holly Arnold MBE team up to take down Jordon North and Shane Richie.

The pairs were tasked with finding as many coins as possible in the troughs full of slime and offal using only their mouths.

But several viewers spotted the actress using her hand at one point in the challenge, and the subtle move didn’t go unnoticed on the show.

But she didn’t stop there, as Ruthie went on to lie about how many coins she had collected at the end of the challenge, but Dec soon exposed her lie and corrected the scores live on air.

Her actions certainly left a sour taste in the mouths of her campmates as they laughed off her poor attempt to cheat during the gruelling challenge.

Freddie Flintoff's smoking secret

After a slew of lies were exposed over the years, 2015 winner of the Australian version Freddie Flintoff shared how he successfully used some underhand tactics to steal the thrown in the jungle.

The former England cricketer came clean during the BBC Radio 5 Live Savage and Ping Pong Guy during which he revealed how he lied to producers about being a smoker so he could enjoy some time away from camp.

He said: “In England you see them smoking all the time. In Australia they don’t let you smoke on TV so I said, ‘I’m a smoker’ which I'm not by any stretch.

“They asked me how many I wanted a day so I said five knowing I'd have to do it off screen.

“I’d walk out the gate and there’d be a chair with a cigarette that I didn’t have, I just sat and had some peace to myself, not filmed and in nobody’s hearing.”

The white lie allowed the sportsman to access fresh water while on his ‘cigarette break’ as well as taking a break from the main camp to get some peace and quiet.

Freddie also fibbed about his phobias to try and make the Bushtucker trials a bit easier for himself in the jungle.

He went on: “You fill a form in about what you don’t like. It's out there that I don’t like the dark, so I thought I'd be truthful about that.

“Another one I put was frogs because I don’t mind frogs. I did this challenge and they dumped a load of frogs on my head…"

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