Inside Kim and Kanye’s mega estate after they buy FOURTH house on same street – as source claims they 'sleep separately'

KIM Kardashian and Kanye West have bought a FOURTH house on the same street to create a huge mega estate – as a source claims that the couple often sleep in different beds or even different homes.

The pair purchased a single-storey home for $2.98 million up the road from their giant ranch in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, as these exclusive pictures show.

The photos show that the new property is split into two parts – with the main house on the same side of the street as Kim and Kanye’s huge mansion, but it also has an equestrian area on the opposite side.

The latest property has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, pool and spa. Last February, the pair also bought another neighbouring three-bed home for $2.7 million.

It comes as a source told Sun Online the high profile couple often sleep in different beds or even in different houses.

A source said: "They have so many homes and keep buying.

"All their friends know that Kim and Kanye sleep in separate bedrooms and often separate houses. They love each other but have their own lives.

"The kids have their own bedrooms in each home complete with toys and favourite colours but sometimes they do sleep in their other homes too.

"They have purchased several homes and they don't openly talk about the reason for it – but they know it's a great investment and helps majorly with their taxes and their privacy."

The insider also revealed how the houses are often in a state of disrepair as "perfectionist" Kanye is obsessive about having everything perfect.

"Also Kanye loves redecorating and redecorating and redoing and redoing. It's an artistic outlet.

"Everything has to be perfect so he has a team of decorators and designers but if it's not perfect and the very very top of the line he rips it out and starts again.

"The houses are in a constant state of repair somewhere in the house.

"Lighting is an obsession of his and if it's not perfect he rips it out over and over until it's exactly what he wants. He did this at his wedding and he has done it at concerts too.

"People laugh that he needs heavenly lighting because he sees himself as God. He feels the way the light shines on him is incredibly important."

TMZ claimed that a property appraiser had valued Kim and Kanye's main home at $60 million after they purchased it for $19.75 million in 2014.


A few months later, they swallowed up another house next-door for $2.9 million and embarked on a massive rebuilding job costing $20 million.

As can be seen in the pictures, most of the renovation work has been completed on the main home although the pool house looks like it’s being extended.

A representative for the couple had no comment when approached by Sun Online.

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