Is Amy Walsh pregnant in real life and how long has she been dating Toby-Alexander Smith?

AMY Walsh is a soap star whose character is pregnant, though she is not pregnant herself.

The Emmerdale actress is dating another soap actor in real life.

Is Emmerdale's Amy Walsh pregnant in real life?

No, Amy Walsh is not pregnant in real life.

The 33-year-old star is currently playing a character in Emmerdale that is pregnant.

Amy has given no indication that this is true of her real life outside of the soap.

Is Amy Walsh wearing a fake bump in Emmerdale?

Amy is wearing a fake baby bump in Emmerdale as her character, Tracy Metcalfe is pregnant with Nate Robinson's baby.

Tracy discovered the news earlier this year while being treated in hospital for her wrist.

Nate and Tracy hadn't been together for long when the news emerged and were using contraception.

Fans had commented in recent months that Amy's bump size increased quite suddenly on the show.

One posted on Twitter: "The overnight baby bump of Tracy #emmerdale."

Another said: "#Emmerdale Tracy hardly had any bump a couple of weeks ago???"

"I know I’ve not watched Emmerdale properly for AGES BUT JEEEZ HOW FAR ALONG IS TRACY," another amused fan said. 

How long has Amy been dating boyfriend Toby?

On December 14, Amy and Toby-Alexander made their first public appearance at A Christmas Carol's red carpet event.

They haven't been dating for too long, so are new into their relationship which seems to be moving forward given their public appearance.

An insider told The Sun: “It’s early days but they really like each other.

They’re both very busy with packed work schedules at opposite ends of the country, but they try to spend as much time together as they can.”

At the event they reportedly couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

Toby-Alexander is an actor for EastEnders, playing killer Gray Atkins.

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