Is he okay? University Challenge fans frustrated by host Jeremy Paxman

University Challenge: Jeremy Paxman mocks video game question

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University Challenge host Jeremy Paxman left fans of the BBC quiz show alarmed on Monday night’s episode. Viewers took to social media to ask if the 71-year-old host was “okay” as fans shared their frustration at him when he deducted points from on team in particular as two teams from Cambridge and London battled it out to get into the quarter-finals. 

Paxman has presented the popular BBC Two series for the past 27 years and he is renowned for his blunt deliveries.

Monday’s instalment of the show saw the veteran presenter quiz two teams who were battling it out for a place in the quarter-finals. 

The teams were from St John’s College, in Cambridge, and Queen Mary University of London. 

Viewers tuned in to see which team would make it through to the next round, but they were soon left questioning Paxman’s decisions when he deducted points from Queen Mary University. 


A concerned Ali tweeted: “#UniversityChallenge, is Paxo okay?”

Bertie Glossop added: “Paxman sounds completely knackered. #UniversityChallenge (sic).”

David Wilding asked: “Is Paxman deducting 5 points for the teams buzzing in as he finishes the last syllable of the question? #UniversityChallenge.”

Verity Kalcev questioned: “#UniversityChallenge Why did Queen Mary lose 5 points? He didn’t interrupt Paxman.

Jamie Ward added: “Why does Jeremy Paxman keep docking 5 points off QMUL when he’s clearly finished asking the question? #universitychallenge.”

Throughout Monday’s show, Paxman simply asked the questions and accepted the contestant’s answers without engaging in much conversation.

However, some viewers stepped in to defend the longtime host during the episode, with Mark O’Neil saying he enjoyed watching Jeremy Paxman host the show. 

User Sandbetweenmytoes added: “Jeremy Paxman does very well for someone living with Parkinson’s.”

Earlier this year Paxman announced he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and said his symptoms were “mild”. 

The journalist said he’s been receiving “excellent treatment” and plans to keep broadcasting and writing for as long as he can.

The winning team of the episode was St John’s, who scored 220 points compared to Queen Mary, who won just 45 points. 

At the end of the instalment, Paxman said: “Queen Mary, London, have 45, but they’ve been pulverised by St John’s, Cambridge, who will now go through to the next stage of the competition. 

“Congratulations to you. Queen Mary, thank you very much for joining us and taking part.” 

Paxman has presented University Challenge since 1994, making him the longest-serving current quizmaster on UK TV.

Before becoming a BBC Two staple, the show aired for 913 episodes on ITV from September 1962 to December 1987.

The hit show is now in its 51st series which landed on screens in July.

University Challenge airs Monday nights at 8:30pm on BBC Two. 

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