ITV issues Love Island warning as blistering heatwave scorches contestants

Over the next few days, Spain and the tiny island are forecast to sizzle in temperatures of 40C.

Accuweather experts said: “This will set the stage for a potentially dangerous heat wave to occur over a large portion of western and central Europe.”

Meanwhile, weather girl for Spanish TV channel RTVE Silvia Laplana tweeted ‘El infierno is coming’ which translates as ‘hell is coming’.

Now ITV have told Daily Star Online special measures are in place to deal with high temperatures at the villa.

ITV said: “The Islanders are actively encouraged to stay hydrated throughout the day and to frequently apply suncream (we have a large supply in the villa).

“They are always encouraged to protect their skin by reapplying the suncream throughout the day and to stay in the shade (you’ll often see them sat on the shaded day beds in the garden or shaded swing seat and wearing caps).”

They added: “This is what we would always advise in light of high temperatures.”

Meanwhile, Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, added to Daily Star Online: “The heat across Europe is extreme at present, with records being broken.

“The levels of heat in parts of southern Europe are above what many visitors from the UK may have previously encountered.

“Prolonged exposure to heat can create challenging conditions, especially for those with any under-lying medical condition.

“It’s important to remain protected from the sun by using appropriate sun-cream and wearing sun glasses.

“Additionally, it’s vital to remain hydrated and to try to seek some respite from the heat at night.

“Night-time temperatures will remain high so taking measures to cool-off at night will help ensure better rest and preparation for the next day’s heat.”

This week viewers were left reeling as fan-favourite Yewande Biala was voted off the show.

During a savage recouping, the boys were asked to pick which girls they wanted to be with.

The decision ultimately came down to Anton Danyluk, who picked Lucie Donlan and Danny Williams.

Danny, who previously modelled with Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, was left to pick between Yewande, who he was already coupled up with, and new girl Arabella Chi.

After growing close to Arabella he decided to pick her, much to the distress the female islanders.

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