ITV journalist told to get to shelter as air raid siren sounds during Ukraine report

Ukraine: Journalist continues as sirens go off during broadcast

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On Sunday morning, reporter Romilly Weeks began updating ITV News about the ongoing climate in Ukraine as many people continue to flee their country. Romilly explained to news anchor Julie Etchingham about the atmosphere in Lviv and how people were crossing the border when an air raid siren sounded and overpowered her broadcast.

As the air raid siren went off, Romilly continued her broadcast to show people at home what it was like on a daily basis for the people trying to flee Ukraine.

In scenes that aired on Sunday morning, many were rushing around and trying to get to safety, and they braced for more impact from Russia.

Romilly said: “But Julie, I also want to show you a bit about what is happening at this station here because tens of thousands of people – families fleeing the fighting – are arriving here every day.

“It has got a bit more organised now than it was when we first arrived over a week ago.”

She was then interrupted by the sirens and said: “There’s an air raid siren going off now – we will carry on.

“There are Red Cross tents, there are charity tents being set up here, there is food being supplied from soup kitchens, there’s also fires being set up because it’s so cold.

“Over there in the distance, there are the buses that are taking people to the Polish border.

“Many millions of people do want to get to Poland, but many people do want to try in Western Ukraine to be close to their families.

“Lviv is waking up to this very uncomfortable news that the fighting has come very close to here,” she explained.

Julie then cut the broadcast back to the UK studio and said: “Romilly, we’ll allow you and those very many people there to get to what shelter you can. Thank you very much for that.”

Many viewers were blown away by Romilly’s bravery and took to social media to express their thoughts on her broadcast.

Nick Day said on Twitter: “Journalist Romilly weeks… calm? An air siren sounds, and she says, ‘Oh, it’s an air raid siren, I’ll just carry on…’ Well done, very professional.” [Sic]

Marion Pepito commented: “Well done to Romilly for her brave report from Ukraine whilst the sirens were going off! Need to have some b***s to do that!” [Sic]

@IStandWithUkraine added: “Seeing the scenes of people running to safety when the air raid siren sounds breaks my heart! Good on Romilly for wanting to show what it is really like out there #ITVNews.” [Sic]

@Kendall_Summer55 wrote: “APPLAUDS ROMILLY WEEKS FOR HER BRAVERY WHEN REPORTING IN UKRAINE! Them sirens would have sent me into a meltdown!” [Sic]

Simon Alsworth praised: “Romilly Weeks and all other journalists who are reporting within Ukraine have some bravery right there.”

It comes as at least 35 people were killed and 57 wounded in a Russian airstrike on a large Ukrainian military base near the Polish border on Sunday morning, local officials said.

A ministry representative said the ministry was still trying to establish if any of the instructors were at the centre at the time of the attack.

“Russia has attacked the International Center for Peacekeeping & Security near Lviv.

“Foreign instructors work here. Information about the victims is being clarified,” Minister of Defence for Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov said in an online post.

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