ITV viewers switch off minutes into John Bishops show

John Bishop says nurses going on strike because NHS is broken

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During Saturday night’s The John Bishop Show, the comedian discussed several topics that have been hitting the headlines this week. The stand-up comic opened his ITV show by chatting about political issues and the NHS strikes. He also welcomed guests Mo Gilligan, Sue Perkins and Tom Allen onto the sofa.

However, John’s opening rant left viewers divided, and while many praised the comedian for highlighting important issues, others claimed to “switch off”.

He also discussed Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, which has flown off the shelves since it was released on Tuesday.

“There are loads of people that people are on strike at the moment,” John began.

“We’ve got the nurses, we’ve got the ambulance drivers, we’ve got the call operators, got the paramedics, amongst others who all went out on strike for new, better pay and conditions.

“And the government’s response was to send out Grant Shapps, the business secretary.”

He went on to add: “The business Secretary, Grant Shapps responded to all of these strikes by saying, ‘Listen, if you’re gonna go out on strike and you’re working in an essential service like the NHS, you’ve got to provide the minimum service.

“He’s bringing in government legislation to make striking more difficult because those people have to stay at work to provide the minimum service.”

“Grant,” he shouted. “They’re going on strike because the NHS is broken and they can’t provide the f***ing minimum service.”

Fans were quick to voice their views on the show, with many taking to social media.

June Reece wrote: “Just about to watch John Bishop, 1st guest, Sue Perkins. TV off!”

While David Wilson added: “John bishop, I turned him off again, to political for me.”

@WinnieChuffkiss went on to claim: “Lasted two minutes.”

“Ffs John Bishop, stick to comedy (I know it’s difficult as you aren’t really funny ) but political broadcasts we don’t want or need on Saturday evenings,” @sutty56 commented. (sic)

“The John Bishop Show…I can’t even watch the introduction I can’t stand this amateur,” @PeterHa92364390 tweeted.

@FazzaKoko1 asked: “Why is John Bishop doing party political broadcasts on a Saturday night @ITV.”

Others praised the comedian for his remarks, Well said John Bishop….#NHS,”@Deew04

Dylan said: “John Bishop’s monologue hits the nail on the head but I find it hard to laugh cos it’s just depressing. Anybody else?”

“#Johnbishop good to see the s**t show UK being highlighted on prime time Saturday,” Mary Thomson praised. (sic)

The John Bishop Show returns on Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV.

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