Jacqueline Jossa shows off her 'un-smoothed' face as she goes filter and makeup-free for morning selfie

JACQUELINE Jossa was praised by fans for showing off her “un-smoothed” face as she went filter and make-up free for morning selfie.

The I’m a Celeb champion, 27, ditched the beauty products to give fans a glimpse of her fresh-faced youthful looks.

The former Eastenders star took to Instagram writing: “Gooooood morning!!!

“Another one of my take a pic straight from Instagram upload page! Boom!

“I’ve recently been getting way too cosy using the pretty filters that smooth the face and add a little flavour to the stories. Then I looked at the normal facials on usual camera and got a fright.”

The actress added: “Trying to use them less, just for my own mind really, reminding myself what I really look like.

“In other news. The news I couldn’t tell you lot I can tell you pretty soon so that’s good. Happy hump day babes!!! Love ya.”

Fans rushed to show their appreciation saying that she was a “natural beauty” and a “gorgeous” without the filters.

One fan wrote: “You don’t need filters, you’re a natural beauty.”

Another posted: “You are naturally beautiful, remember we’ve seen you in the jungle with no make-up on. You are a natural beauty as your are.”

The mum-of-two was also praised for setting a good example for other women by ditching the filters and opting for a more natural look.

One fan gushed: “You’re gorgeous, it’s definitely a good idea. Those filters are far too easy and addictive.”

Another praised the star: “You still look amazing! I wish women would embrace their natural beauty more.”

A third wrote: “Great to embrace reality but also to have the freedom to do what makes you feel best, please don’t succumb to others pressure.”

Jac’s post comes days after she admitted to ditching her new diet as she opened up about her appearance.

Posting on her TikTok page, the brunette beauty told fans: "Hi, just here to let you guys know that I have definitely looked better than this.

"I do not know what is going on. Do you know what's worrying? Even when I'm putting make-up on, it's not cutting it – something's happening to my face."

Jacqueline then zoomed in on her face, repeating: "No, no, no, NO.

"Hopefully I shall feel better tomorrow, but when in doubt eat all the foods. Eat all the foods."

She rounded off the clip saying: "It's not even about feel better, hopefully I'll look better, I mean – look at the state of me. I really do apologise."

The former EastEnders actress' fans were blown away by her honesty, with many flocking to the comments to praise her for showing her face without make-up or filters.

Last month, Jacqueline revealed that she was going to start exercising more and eating better – but insisted that it wasn't about being skinny.

She said at the time: "Gotta start doing some fitness stuff, purely for the mind, not to get skinnaaaay!!"

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