James Bond: Daniel Craig was inspired by bizarre Sean Connery suit advice

James Bond: Daniel Craig says film is ‘bigger and better’

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Sean Connery was the first actor to immortalise James Bond on the big screen in 1962 on Dr No. A lot of the Bond actors who have followed have taken inspiration from the Scottish star, including the latest 007 star Daniel Craig. While discussing No Time To Die Craig spoke out about some interesting suit advice he followed that Connery was originally given in the 1960s.


Craig was asked about his favourite suit throughout his 15 years of being Bond.

He responded: “Connery knew how to wear a suit … A director told Connery to wear a suit home and sleep in it, and then come [back to set] and wear it. And I think that’s how you should wear a suit.” (Via GQ)

This story came from the set of 1962 movie Dr No – the first Eon Bond movie. Director Terence Young took Connery to a Savile Row tailor to get his first James Bond suit before giving him a task.

Bond boss Barbara Broccoli recalled: “He said to Sean: ‘All right, now it fits like the glove. And I want you to go home, and I want you to sleep in it. And I want it to become your skin.'”

Watching those first few James Bond films from the ’60s, it is plain to see how comfortable Connery is in the suits he was wearing.

Craig seemingly took this advice to heart, and thought about his suits implicitly while playing Bond. He continued: “We worked really hard with [the fashion brand] Tom Ford, they’ve been so cooperative.

“They allowed us to mess around with them … we produced some amazing suits.”

Connery passed away on October 31, 2020, so he was never able to see Craig’s final Bond outing, No Time To Die.

The star passed away at his home in the Bahamas surrounded by his family after a short illness.

Although the original Bond actor couldn’t sign off on Craig’s final journey, another previous 007 actor was happy to give his seal of approval.

George Lazenby, who played Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was eager to give his opinion on the new movie.

No Time To Die: James Bond film to premiere in October

Lazenby told his fans on Instagram: Since it wasn’t feasible for me to be in London for the World premiere I got to see the new Bond here in LA. Interesting choices of music I must say.”

Later in the week, Lazenby attended the installation of Craig’s Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Lazenby posted another image on his social media account.

He wrote: “Enjoyed my surprise visit to Daniel Craig’s Walk of Fame ceremony with my friend Zhaleh last night.”

Lazenby added: “Daniel’s last Bond reminded me of mine. We both served Her Majesty well. Love George x.”

The star only appeared in one 007 movie before giving up acting.

James Bond No Time To Die is in cinemas now.


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