Jane McDonald left red-faced as she falls over

Jane McDonald slips on the ice while attempting curling

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Tonight, Jane McDonald headed to the Highlands with her friends Julie, Alywn and Sue to reconnect with her roots. During their time away the ladies enjoyed some whiskey tasting, bauble making and relaxing by the firelit lodge. However, after taking their hand to curling, Jane was left flat on the ice after taking it too seriously.

Despite Jane being known for her strong Yorkshire roots in Wakefield, the singer also has some connections to Scotland.

Her father Peter came from Scotland, while her mother Jean hailed from Coatbridge, bringing her roots together.

After a day of feeding the deer, and being cooked up a hearty meal, it was time for Jane to take the girls for a bit of curling.

She explained: “I have very fond memories of my mum taking me to watch curling as a child, so I thought, ‘How hard can it be?

“Some people might say that women of a certain age and declining bone density shouldn’t be mucking about with stones on solid ice, but I say stuff it, I’m going in!

“My Scottish ancestors will have been playing this back in the 16th century, so surely this is in my blood somewhere.”

After being given the safety rules of being on the ice, it was time for the ladies to have a go of their own.

As the safety instructor Graham demonstrated how the ladies would be launching the stones, Julie teased: “I don’t think I’ll get back up, never mind get down!”

First to try was Jane, and she had been given an extra stone to help with her balance as it was her first time taking part in the sport.

As she crouched down into position, she exclaimed: “Oh hang on a minute, a bit of cramp. Clearly, I needed a little longer to limber up.”

Feeling confident to throw her first stone, Jane launched herself off of the wooden footpad and began to glide across the ice.

However, she didn’t get very far before she lost her balance and landed flat on her back, telling her friends she would rather do “ice angels”.

“Ok, so I may have overestimated my beginner’s luck, but I am no quitter, can we just get some sticks!”

After Jane’s mishap with the stones, Graham informed the ladies that they were able to walk four steps forward and push the stone with a stick, instead of having to get down on the ice.

Alwyn turned to Jane and teased: “I am getting more confident now Jane after watching you…” before letting out a little giggle.

The ladies soon got into the sport and were trying to knock one another off the top spot for a chance to win the game.

By the end of the session, Jane admitted: “In fairness, I don’t actually know who won, or if we were following the rules but we had so much fun. I take my hat off to you.

“That was incredible, we had a good time! 2026 Olympic Team here I come! But let’s leave with our heads held high and hips still intact.”

Sue turned to Jane and admitted: “We need a drink now. We haven’t had one yet, we keep talking about it.”

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