Jedward's Edward Grimes in 'life threatening' hospital dash – but still manages to watch Eurovision

JEDWARD star Edward Grimes is in hospital recovering from what he called a "life threatening situation" – but he still had time to watch Eurovision.

The 29-year-old singer, famous for his long-standing musical double act with brother John, posted from his hospital bed tonight.

He wrote: "Just had immediate surgery to remove my appendix.

"It was a life threatening and scary situation but I'm grateful the emergency team have operated on me and stopped the agony.

"I'm healing and on the road to recovery!"

Edward added: "Thank you for your caring messages. I'm urging everyone to please take severe pain in the abdominal area serious as I've ever experienced excruciating pain like this and knew something wasn't right.

"Blood tests and CT scans indicated I needed surgery."

He said: "Of all times of the year it had to be Eurovision night here alone not watching it with John and my family and dogs."

However, he did manage to get it on his hospital TV, writing: "Yes Eurovision let's go."

And he was soon cheering on "Ice Ice Iceland" from his bed.

In a cheeky aside about his hospital outfit, he joked: "The backless gown has the ass cheeks hanging out but obviously an iconic look.

"Just thinking about the conversation between me and the nurse who had the honour… I swear it's a grower.

"Numbing Lube yes please go crazy. Is it in? Something has definitely hit it 😭."

However, despite his ordeal, he did find time to stick the Eurovision Song Contest on at 8pm tonight, writing:

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