Jenna Ortega Regrets Not Doing More With Her Wednesday Dance

The Wednesday Addams depicter admits she has some regrets over some of the choices she made for her dance routine in the Tim Burton-directed Netflix series.

AceShowbizJenna Ortega says she should have done more with her “Wednesday” dance. The 20-year-old actress – who portrays Wednesday Addams in the hit Netflix show – has weighed in on her routine from the programme after it went viral on TikTok and admitted she has some regrets over her choices as a performer.

“Even that I still can’t believe, because even that was – some of the moves I had planned, some of it was improve,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “That was one of the scenes I stay awake thinking about because I thought there was so much that I should have done and could have done. So the fact that anyone is showing appreciation and try it themselves, it’s not fathomable to me.”

However, she hasn’t got caught up in the trend herself because she doesn’t think TikTok is “a healthy place to be.” She added, “No, I can’t be on TikTok. I can’t look into all of that stuff. I think good or bad, it’s probably not a healthy place to be.”

The show has been a huge success and comes after Jenna impressed fans with roles in the likes of “You” and “Scream“. After being described as a “phenomenon,” she laughed, “I’m not calling myself that but I definitely feel like there’s been a shift in my life and I feel like it’s definitely a new time in my life. So it’s been a bit of an adjustment.”

Things aren’t quietening down for Jenna any time soon, with “Scream 6” set to be released in March and “Wednesday” recently renewed for a second season.

In a statement to Netflix’s Tudum, co-showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough said, “We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the kooky, spooky world of Nevermore. We just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t emptied the pool first.”

Jenna added, “[‘Wednesday’] sticks to her guns, and she’s not out to please anybody. Which, as someone who used to be an immense people pleaser, I really respect.”

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