Jennifer Lopez Might Be Quietly Planning a Big Career Move

JenniferLopez doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. In a recent interview,she spoke about her work on “Hustlers” and the big career move she’s thinkingabout making. Here’s everything Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about Jennifer Lopez’snext step.

How Jennifer Lopez felt watching herself in ‘Hustlers’

“Variety” journalist Marc Malkin asked Lopez if she closed her eyes and looked away when her pole dancing scenes appeared on the movie screen, and she said she didn’t. “I’m able to [watch my scenes] now. When I was younger, I would get so nervous watching my movies. And now, I’m able to kind of remove myself a little bit,” Lopez said. She told Malkin watching herself on the big screen is like watching another person.

Lopez said she had time to prepare herself to see her performance before attending the movie premiere. This helped her to remain objective when her scenes came up. However, she told Malkin that seeing the first cuts of the movie were tough because she became judgmental of the characters. “The first time I saw one of the earlier cuts, I was like, ‘This character is crazy. These women are really bad; this is a terrible thing,” Lopez said. With time, the actress became more comfortable with her character. “By the time I got to the premiere, I was prepared, and I’m able to kind of sit there and really look at it through everybody else’s eyes. It was really exciting.”

Jennifer Lopez is thinking about a big move

Lopez told Malkin she’s thinking about taking a seat in thedirector’s chair. She revealed the possibility of directing “The Godmother,” afilm that tells the story of Colombian cocaine trafficker Griselda Blanco. Lopez,who will star in the film as Blanco, is also the movie’s producer.    

“That’s one that I’m really thinking about maybe directing,”said Lopez. “But again, I would need to have so much time to do that. It’sgoing to be a timing thing. I would have to clear, really clear the decks. Icould. And it’s just when the right time for that is.” Lopez said he hasdirected music videos and her own shows, so this would be a natural next stepfor her. “I am the sole voice in all of those things, and I make the decisions,”she told Malkin.

Lopez said “The Godmother” appeals to her because it allows theaudience to see the duality of Blanco’s personality:

You get to see women being badasses. You get to see them being ruthless. You get to see them being bad, but you get to see there are two sides to them. We always get to see that from men.

Even when you’re watching “Goodfellas” or “Boogie Nights,” you see both sides of the men, but you don’t see it for the women. Women are always kind of one note. In this movie, I think with Griselda, you get a super heavy dose of what a woman is capable of on a very ugly side.

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