‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Roasts Trump’s Refusal To Concede To President-Elect Joe Biden: “We Have A Reality Show Host Who Will Not Accept Reality”

Donald Trump may not have been elected the next President of the United Sates, but the former reality television star continues to turn late night’s heads with his refusal to concede to the victorious Joe Biden.

After nearly a week of crying voter fraud and delegitimizing the former vice president’s win, Trump has made a smooth transition of power nearly impossible, or as Jimmy Kimmel simply put it: “the POTUS refuses to go-tus.”

During Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live the comedian roasted Trump’s seeming inability to accept the election results with grace. Even a week after Election Day, Trump continues to question the legitimacy of “illegal” votes and those in his close circles have pushed the same message, some testifying and others claiming there will be a smooth transition to a “second Trump administration.”

“We have a reality show host who will not accept reality,” Kimmel pointed out during his opening monologue.

But Trump’s sole efforts aren’t as disturbing and worrisome when compared to the number of GOP figures, including Lindsey Graham and Mike Pompeo, backing the president.

“I’m less disgusted with our toddler in chief throwing his oatmeal at the wall than I am with the Republican Congresspeople who are going along with this,” Kimmel continued.

During his opening monologue, Kimmel also took on the Trump campaign team’s efforts to pay off debts with supporter donations, shared his opinions on General Services Administration’s Emily Murphy and Mike Pence’s oddly-timed vacation. The late-night host also touched on The Bachelorette‘s turn over, which saw Tayshia Adams replace Clare Crawley after the latter found her match.

“Even The Bachelorette had a more peaceful transition of power than the presidency,” he joked.

Watch Kimmel’s opening monologue above.

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