Jodie Whittakers Doctor Who replacement teased by Death of Paradise star Its a dream

Doctor Who: Ben Miller says role would be a ‘dream job’

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While conversation about the next Doctor Who continues, Death in Paradise star Ben Miller recently hinted at taking on the role and succeeding Jodie Whittaker. The actor also appeared on ITV to address his history with the science-fiction series.

Ben Miller joined presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard for an episode of Good Morning Britain, where he was quizzed about becoming the next Time Lord.

Speaking to the actor, Ben Shephard asked: “You turned it down, in a previous incarnation early on in your career?”

“No, I turned a meeting down, it’s not quite the same thing,” Ben Miller corrected.

“There’s a lot of meetings that go on,” the 55-year-old actor laughed, “I have no chance whatsoever of being Doctor Who.”

He revealed: “It is one of my absolute dream jobs as I think it would be for so many because I’ve got that science background as well.”

“I kind of love that and who doesn’t want to use a sonic screwdriver,” Ben quipped.

Fans will soon have to say goodbye to Jodie Whittaker once she leaves the Tardis for good in 2022.

While there has been much speculation about who will replace the first female Time Lord, Ben’s name has consistently been put forward by fans of the show.

As a current favourite with the bookies, other actors such as Idris Elba, Michaela Coel and Vicky McClure have also been tipped to take on the role.

However, unlike those listed, Ben is the only one with Tardis experience as he appeared in the series in 2014.

He guest-starred as the Sheriff of Nottingham alongside the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, during season eight.

Ben also addressed the Doctor Who rumours on an episode of Steph’s Packed Lunch where he stated he would “love” the opportunity.

Although Jodie’s portrayal of the Doctor was monumental as the first female Time Lord, she announced her departure after three seasons.

In a statement, she said: “My heart is so full of love for this show, for the team who make it, for the fans who watch it, and for what it has brought to my life.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express what this role has given me. I will carry the Doctor and the lessons I’ve learnt forever, the actress concluded.”

While the Sheriff of Nottingham did die in season eight, Ben does stand a chance and could reincarnate into the Doctor.

Ben initially appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss a different reincarnation, one involving his character on Bridgerton.

Discussing the likelihood of Lord Featherin returning to the Netflix hit periodic drama, the actor joked: “In Death In Paradise, I came back as a ghost so anything is possible.”

With that being said, Doctor Who fans will have to keep an eye out for potential announcements as Jodie’s departure date approaches.

Doctor Who is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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