Joe Millionaire: Kurt Sowers Already Breaks Up With Finale Winner – Find Out Why

The season finale of the dating show sees Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee both choose which woman they want to continue a relationship with outside of the show.

AceShowbiz -“Joe Millionaire: For Richer of Poorer” aired its season finale on Thursday, March 10. The episode saw Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee both chose which woman they wanted to continue a relationship with outside of the show.

[SPOILER ALERT] Steven spent the afternoon paddle boarding with Annie, before doing an evening cooking with Calah. As for Kurt, he played tennis with Carolyn and cooked dinner with Amanda. It should be noted that the woman didn’t know which man was the real millionaire.

When it was time for making a decision, Kurt told Carolyn that his heart belongs to someone else. She quickly asked producers, “Can I go now?” In her confessional, she said, “It’s pretty much a slap in the face. … He made the right decision, because if he was that insecure the whole time, he’s not the one for me. I’m the girl that got away.”

Kurt later told Amanda that he was in love with her. He gave her a promise ring and Amanda gladly accepted it. As for Steven, he chose to be with Calah.

When it was revealed that Kurt is not the millionaire, Amanda didn’t seem to be fazed by the reveal. However, a new report said that the pair are no longer together when the finale aired.

A source close to the former couple told TMZ that they called off their relationship back in December, not long after the show wrapped filming. As for the reason of their split, it was said that there wasn’t anything specific that caused the split.

Instead, they simply realized their relationship would not work out. The insider insisted that it had nothing to do with the fact that Kurt is not a millionaire.

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