Josh Duggar's Wife, Anna Duggar, Confirmed She's Not Pregnant With Baby No. 7

Those who follow the Duggars know all about Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar. Josh is the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids, and he ran into serious trouble when the media caught wind of his various scandals back in 2015. Since then, Anna’s maintained her social media presence, but the two are rarely seen on TLC’s Counting On.

Fans have plenty of questions for Anna. But when one fan asked Anna if she’s expecting baby No. 7, she immediately shut it down. Here’s what happened.

Josh and Anna Duggar have 6 kids together

Jim Bob and Michelle are known for their huge family. The couple chose to ditch birth control and have as many children as God gave them — and that number ended up being 19. While their kids are also Christians, it seems many of them do use some form of birth control and don’t hope to have as many children as their parents’ did.

As for Josh and Anna, we’re not sure if they’ll have 19 kids. But they already have a huge family. The couple has six children, and they’ve given no indication they’re prepared to stop.

Anna’s commented on whether she’ll have just as many kids as Jim Bob and Michelle in the past, too. “So far our kids pretty much have a 2+ year gap between each one, at this rate number 20 would arrive when I’m 60,” Anna explained to an Instagram fan. “So no, I don’t think I will have 20. I’m thankful for the six children God has given us, and I’m just treasuring each day and leaving the future in HIS hands!”

Anna Duggar made it clear she’s not pregnant with baby No. 7

It’s been a year since Maryella, Josh and Anna’s six baby, was born. Anna happily shared updates with her followers following the birth of her baby girl in November 2019. And now that Maryella turned a year old, the child got her own celebratory Instagram post.

“Little Maryella turned 1 last Friday!” Anna captioned the post of her daughter. “Can you believe it’s already been over a year since she arrived?! Each day she gives us a thousand reasons to smile — we love you Maryella!” 

The post received a number of sweet comments. And one fan asked Anna about the potential for another baby. “Are you expecting?” the fan questioned.

To that, Anna answered, “No.”

It’s likely the couple will have more kids in the future

Anna might not be expecting her seventh child, but it’s likely she’s not finished having kids. Duggar family critics from Reddit suspect Anna and Josh will have eight to 10 children total, as one critic recalled Anna saying she wanted eight children in an old interview.

“She said before she would like eight, and given their age and spacing about two years apart, it will be exactly that,” a Reddit user wrote.

Others also pointed out that Anna and Josh might choose to have kids into their 40s. While the Duggars typically court, marry, and have children in their early 20s, they welcome babies at any time.

Anna’s quite transparent with her followers, so we’re sure she’ll happily announce when she and Josh are expecting another child. Until then, we’re sure we’ll get plenty more updates via Instagram.

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