Joy-Anna Duggar slammed for letting daughter Evelyn, 1, go barefoot on ‘dangerous’ construction site

COUNTING On's Joy-Anna Duggar was slammed by fans for allowing her daughter Evelyn, 1, to go barefoot on a "dangerous" construction site amid pregnancy speculation.

Fans were quick to take to Reddit to slam Joy-Anna for letting her daughter be barefoot.

Joy-Anna posted a cute photo of her standing in front of her husband Austin Forsyth's construction job site and holding Evelyn tightly to her chest.

The second photo showed Evelyn snuggling even closer to her mama and the third pictured Gideon, 3, grinning widely at the camera sitting next to his sister with a binky in her mouth.

Joy-Anna captioned the photographs: "I look both kids to go check up on Austin's job sites today!

"It is fun taking them along, watching them explore and ask questions, buuut that doesn't mean it's not always easy."

She continued: "Being a mother has grown and stretched me more than anything."

Despite Joy-Anna's well-intentioned words, fans were quick to zoom in to spot something amiss with the three photos.

Fans noticed that Evelyn was spotted on the construction site without her shoes.

On Joy-Anna's Instagram post one fan posted: "I'm waiting on someone to comment on the no shoes on Evelyn," and the fan didn't have to wait long for a thread to explode on Reddit.

One fan wrote in the thread: "Every aspect in the picture is an accident waiting to happen, because accidents happen when people don't follow safety protocols."

Another fan continued: "If nails are involved in the activities where you and your children are visiting, really protective shoes are in order."

However, a third fan in the thread was quick to notice another detail in the photographs.

Both photos of Joy-Anna have her wearing a puffy jacket and holding Evelyn over her belly.

Noticing these details, the fan speculated: "She's definitely hiding a pregnant belly, right?"


Over the past month, fans have been noticing that Joy-Anna has consistently worn loose clothing covering her stomach to hide a potential baby bump.

From baggy t-shirts at a concert to a loose wrap dress at a wedding, pregnancy rumors around baby number three have been swirling.

What kicked off the rumor was a family photo posted back in October.

The young mother posed with her family outdoors while wearing a flowy purple sundress to conceal her tummy area.

The whole group smiled as they showed off their Sunday's best.

Both father and son sported Chachi pants and button-down collared shirts, while the girls wore flowing dresses and brown shoes.

While many fans raced to the comments to praise the "beautiful family", others speculated that Joy-Anna may be attempting to "hide a baby bump" with the placement of her daughter covering her belly.

After one fan commented on the post: "No 3?"

Another replied in agreement, writing: "That was my first thought when I saw how she was holding the little one."

The image also appeared on Reddit where a user captioned the post: "Tell me she's not pregnant!" prompting a slew of responses.

One person remarked: "It's the pose for me" while a second agreed: "My guess is she’ll announce early next year."

"Her face Is rounding up and she has started glasses again, I call pregnant. The posing of that little girl is suspicious," another reasoned.


Earlier in November, Joy-Anna clapped back at a troll who claimed her kids will be "married off by 18."

Joy-Anna shared a sweet message and more family photos in the Instagram post where she was holding her kid's hands while standing in a grassy field.

Gideon wore a green shirt, blue jeans and a purple zip-up sweater for the photoshoot.

He also sported a cowboy hat and boots as he smiled at the camera for both solo and group shots.

Evelyn wore the same green shirt and jeans as her big brother, while also taking a separate snap with her mom.

Joy-Anna beamed and watched the pair while donning a black knee-length flow-y dress, brown sandals, and a tan corduroy jacket.

She captioned the post: "G R A T I T U D E. It turns what we have into enough.

"It’s hard to believe that I only have 15 more Autumn seasons with Gideon and 17 with Evelyn before they’re grown. It puts things into perspective and helps me cherish the good and the hard days I have with them.

"Gideon insisted I take a picture of just him with his cowboy hat!," she added.

Joy-Anna's sister Jessa Seewald took to the comments section to boast about her little sister writing: "You're an amazing mom, Joy!"

However, one user twisted the TV star's words in the post commenting: "Married off by 18?"

The mom-of-two defended her choice of words responding: "I said 'Grown' not 'Married.'"

The Duggar clan are notoriously known for getting married and having kids of their own at a young age.

The Counting On alum married Austin in 2017 when she was 19.

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