Karim Zeroual: The one reason star will win Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 launches this evening (Saturday, September 7) at 7.10pm on BBC One. CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual, along with 14 others, will be performing on the show for the first time. All of the line-up will then find out who they will be partnered with.

Although Karim, 19, is one of the youngest members of the line-up this year, he also might have what it takes to win the show.

The TV presenter was previously a member of Sylvia Young’s Theatre School which boasts alumni such Billie Piper, Emma Bunton, Rita Ora, Keeley Hawes and Leona Lewis, among many others.

Speaking about his previous dance experience, Karim explained: “I went to drama school so I tried ballet there – but I’m not great to be honest.

“I do love to dance at parties though. I grew up with music, so there’s rhythm in my bones.”

He went on to say about his go-to move: “Any street dance! Break dancing and tricks… But I’m not sure how Craig would respond to that, perhaps I’ll have to keep my headstands to myself.”

Every year the Strictly Come Dancing line-up sparks debate with those questioning the previous dance experience of some contestants creating an unfair advantage.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, performer and choreographer Stephanie Wallace-Carr said: “So you’ve got your ones from a dance background and then you have the ones who’ve never danced before in their lives. It all makes for great TV.”

She continued: “I think it’s not just on likability or popularity, is it? The ones who win have to be consistently good, so I think it definitely helps if you have a dance background. I think it’s important.”

However, she said popularity was an important factor with votes helping to keep people in the competition.

She also hailed last year’s winner Stacey Dooley as “a natural” after the documentarian reigned victorious having never danced before in her life.

Viewers will have to wait and see how well Karim does in the show but his background in performing could be a benefit.

Reflecting on what he was looking for in a partner, the star remarked: “I need someone friendly and fun – but firm.

“I’m quite energetic, so I need someone to reel me in sometimes. I am here to work hard. Hopefully, my partner and I will have a good balance.”

He revealed that he would continue his presenting duties while training for Strictly.

“I’m going to carry on presenting at CBBC – so I’m going to be juggling that with Strictly. I love that job, but I also want to train really hard for Strictly so I’m going to try to juggle the two,” he said.

Karim added: “I think I’m actually really looking forward to the performances. I’m excited to train and get a good routine together – and then all I can do is do my best to impress the judges and the audience.

“I want the full Strictly experience! I want to put on a good show on Saturday nights.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One tonight at 7.10pm

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