Kat Slater left horrified when she discovers Phil Mitchell’s stolen money has gone missing – again

KAT Slater will be left feeling hurt in EastEnders next week when she discovers the money estranged husband Alfie Moon stole from Phil Mitchell for her is missing.

The Slaters are still at war when Stacey – Lacey Turner – receives a letter from Kush Kazemi’s solicitor detailing his plans for joint custody of their son, Arthur.

With everyone fuming and tensions at boiling point, Jean orders a meeting so everyone can talk.

But Jean –who’s having treatment for ovarian cancer – struggles to cope with the stress and quickly becomes unwell.

Stacey tells Kat and Kush that Jean can’t cope with the stress of it all and informs them she’ll be hiring a solicitor of her own.

Back at his flat, Kush tells Kat – Jessie Wallace – his worries about financing the custody battle, but Kat – thinking of the £50k Alfie stole from Phil –assures him it’ll be okay.

She later offers to pay for his solicitor but when she goes to get the money from the wardrobe, she’s stunned to find it gone.

As Kat tries to get to the bottom of the missing money, she angrily confronts Mo and Stacey who both deny all knowledge of it.

Dreading telling Kush she can’t fund his fight after all, she overhears a tense conversation between Martin and Kush and begins to wonder if Martin is the thief.

Later, Kat calls a meeting about the stolen money and Stacey quickly jumps in to defend her husband, while Martin – James Bye – says it’s nothing to do with him and he doesn’t know about the money anyway.

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When Stacey hears that Kat was planning to use the money to help Kush with Arthur, she snaps and begins to lose her patience with Kat.

Later, when she finds Kat searching her bedroom for the missing money, Stacey leaves Kat floored with a shocking confession.

But what does she tell her?

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