Kate Chastain From 'Below Deck' Makes This Observation About Chef Ben and Why She Loves to Do Tablescapes

Kate Chastain from Below Deck offered her insights into how chef Ben Robinson is doing during his much-heralded return to Below Deck Mediterranean.

The chief stew stopped by People TV to dish about all things reality television, and of course, all things Below Deck too. When the topic of Robinson’s return emerged, hosts wanted to get Chastain’s insights. Chastain worked with Robinson for three seasons of the show, plus the two had a close personal relationship off of the show.

Below Deck Med chief stew Hannah Ferrier noted during an episode she found Robinson to be more humble and less confrontational than in previous seasons. But what did Chastain think? Also, the notion of tablescapes became a topic of discussion, so what does Chastain think of Ferrier’s designs?

A ‘refreshing change’

The People TV host commented about how Robinson was having a hard time keeping the food hot for guests (despite the fact they were probably too drunk to even notice). But she wanted to know how Chastain felt seeing Robinson struggle.


“It made me sad, but I also think it’s a refreshing change,” Chastain remarked. “Because he’s being very humble. But he still has his humor, he still has his accent. And he still has his crazy hair!” But, “To see him with all those great things, but with a little more humility was a nice change.”

Robinson was a mainstay on the show for multiple seasons of Below Deck, plus he helped to launch Below Deck Med. “He did two shows in one year and that’s just a lot, so I think he needed to take a little break.”

And about those tablescapes

Below Deck fans know Chastain loves to create a good tablescape for her guests. She brings the bling but also makes sure no ejaculating sea slugs grace her table (sorry Chef Adrian). During a recent episode of Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy Yawn confronted Ferrier about her tablescapes, which she found to be rather bland. She showed her photos of what she’d like to see instead.

But Chastain says tablescapes aren’t Ferrier’s favorite thing to do. “Hannah doesn’t like doing tablescapes,” she dished. “She never has and I never understood it. From me, it’s like an outfit. The placemats are the jeans and the napkin is the top. The napkin ring is the jewelry. I love it! When you are on a boat for six weeks … I don’t know why Hannah doesn’t like that.”

Chastain shared one of her uber-creative tablescapes on Twitter that was shared during her appearance. “Honestly tablescapes are my favorite part of the job. I called this one ‘circus glam’…..it was inspired by our group of charter guests that were being insane.”

She said the guests were wild. “It’s circus. There’s popcorn. Because the guests were acting like circus animals. I was venting. I enjoyed them sitting at a table that was inspired by them and they didn’t realize it.” Makes you wonder what kind of blanket fold this group of guests received too.

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