Katie Legit Logged Off Twitter Right Before Greg's Disastrous 'Bachelorette' Hometown Date

Can we all agree that last night’s episode of The Bachelorette might have actually been the most dramatic ever? In case you need a refresher, Katie had a Hometown Date with Greg Grippo and it was basically a complete disaster. The mood shifted when Greg confessed his feels to Katie and she responded with “I just love looking at you.” From there, Greg became more and more upset that Katie was unable to reciprocate his feelings—despite the fact that this show has been following the same formula for 84 million years and it’s entirely standard for a Bachelorette not to say “I love you” until the final episode.

Anyway, Greg ended up leaving the show (Twitter has a lot of mixed emotions about this, just FYI) and the whole thing was so wildly dramatic that even Katie opted out. As in, she signed off Twitter for the night right as his Hometown started.

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