Katie Price slammed by Advertising Standards Authority for breaking Instagram rules by promoting gold iPhone

BANKRUPT Katie Price has been dealt another blow after being slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority for breaking Instagram rules by advertising a gold iPhone.

A post which promoted a Swarovski diamond-encrusted mobile phone case that retails for around £3,000 was ruled as not being clear enough that it was an advert.

The troubled glamour model, 41, was declared bankrupt last week after failing to pay back the agreed £12,000-a-month to her creditors.

But now she has got into trouble over a video which saw Katie welcoming the iDesign Gold team into her house to take delivery of the phone.

After sitting down in her living room to look at her new toy, Katie told viewers: "Come on girls, I can't be the only one."

She added: "This is 18 carat rose gold and guess what, Swarovski diamonds in there. It's just a dream come true."

Boasting that she was "the only girl so far to have one", she urged her followers to "check out the site".

The Advertising Standards Authority said the post was "obviously identifiable as a marketing communication".

Katie claimed the product was a gift and iDesign Gold did not approve the content of the post, despite the company producing the video.

An ASA spokesperson said: "We acknowledged that the caption of the post included the handle @idesigngold and a call to "check out their site", as well as the logo for idesigngold.com which appeared in the first few seconds of the video.

"However, we considered that those elements did not indicate to users that the post was a marketing communication before users engaged with its content.

"In the absence of a clear and prominent identifier at the beginning of the post, such as "#ad", we concluded that the post was not obviously identifiable as a marketing communication and that it breached the Code."

The ASA informed Katie and iDesign Gold any Instagram post that advertises a product must "include a clear and prominent identifier such as #ad."

This latest news comes hot of the heels of The Sun exclusively revealed how Katie is actually selling off her engagement rings from Peter Andre in an attempt to ease her bankruptcy woes.

Friends of the star have told us the mum of five is set to flog her jewellery to get her finances straight.

Katie was given no less than three engagement rings from the Mysterious Girl singer, after the pair met on I'm A Celebrity.

Pete popped the question in 2004 and the couple married in September 2005, before separating in 2009.

They share two children together – Princess and Junior – but the source says that she's not bothered about keeping the jewellery Pete gave her.

A source told The Sun Online: "Katie's got three engagement rings from Peter – she wants to keep the first one for Princess but the other two 'upgrades' she's willing to sell.

"She says they're worth nothing to her anymore and she wants a fresh start.

"She's not sure if she'll sell them in a private auction or a public sale but she wants to sell them to the highest bidder and cash in."

The two rings Katie is selling are worth around £230,000, according to insiders. "The first 'upgrade' was worth around £150,000 at the time – and the second one cost around £80,000," says the source.

The cash will come in handy for Katie who was officially declared bankrupt last week.

She narrowly avoided the dire financial circumstance last year, yet has been plagued by a host of money problems.

We reported her fear that the heating and electricity will soon be switched off at her mucky mansion.

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