Kelly Clarkson face-plants stage as star left mortified by Anne Hathaway: ‘Shall I quit!’

Kelly Clarkson fails to recognise her own song

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Anne Hathaway appeared on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her role in the new Apple TV show WeCrashed. However, with a background in theatre and singing, Pop Idol winner Kelly spotted the chance for a bit of friendly competition as she challenged the Les Miserables star to a singing competition – although judging by Kelly’s reaction soon into the head-to-head, she may have wished she hadn’t.

Discussing Anne’s new Apple show WeCrashed, Kelly teased it has “intense characters” so wanted to make it “intense” in the studio.

To do so, Kelly kicked off a game of Sing That, Name That, Tune.

America Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman joined Anne and Kelly in the studio to referee the contest in which the two stars would have to correctly work out the opening bars to a popular song played by the studio’s band.

Whoever identified the song correctly would then stand forward and belt out the song in time with the music.

First up was Piano Man by Billy Joel which, after some hints from Kelly, Anne stepped forward and sang.

Taking an early lead, Anne soon made it 2-0 as she stepped forward to sing Hanson hit MmmBop.

As Kelly’s frustrations began to grow, she yelled at her band: “Can you play a frigging song I know!”

The audience let out a laugh before the opening bars of Kelly’s own song Since U Been Gone began to play.

But it was Anne who stepped forward first again and belted out the chorus to Kelly’s very own song.

Mortified, Kelly slumped onto the stage and buried her face as the Oscar winner continued to belt out the lyrics.

“Oh, my God,” Kelly said as she got to her feet, holding her hands to her head.

“How did you know it from just that?” Kelly screamed as the audience applauded Anne’s efforts.

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“Kelly Clarkson, if you don’t understand how much we all love that song…’ Anne teased before Kelly hit back: “What?! She knew it from, ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom’.”

“S**t!” Kelly shouted before she joked: “Shall I just quit?!”

Matt and Anne let out a laugh before turning to one another and admitting they both loved that song.

“This is embarrassing,” a mortified Kelly added to her fans.

“By the way,” Matt interjected. “Never fall for Hathaway when she tells you she’s scared to sing!”

Moving on, he rubbed salt in the wound as he jibed: “Kelly Clarkson just missed her own song.”

“Jesus, take the wheel,” an exasperated Kelly said before the trio moved on with the show.

The Kelly Clarkson Show airs weekdays on NBC in the USA.

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