Kim Zolciak and daughter Brielle get lip injections as lockdown ends after 23-year-old vowed to look more ‘natural’ – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle got lip injections as lockdown ended in Atlanta.

Brielle's cosmetic procedure comes after the 23-year-old vowed to look more "natural."

On the Watch What Happens Live after show Andy Cohen asked Kim about getting cosmetic procedures amid quarantining: "Kim, what's up with the Botox and fillers and all that stuff?

"I would think that what I'm looking at is nine weeks without it, right?"

Kim replied: "Um, no Andy. So, Atlanta opened up."

She explained Atlanta reopened, following a stay-at-home order, a the end of last month.

Kim added although her doctor had been on maternity leave before the quarantine, she and her daughter Brielle were her first patients.

She shared: "Brielle and I both were her first."

"She did my Botox and touched up my lips a little bit."

The Bravo mom to six added: "I get migraines from, like just in general, so the Botox really helps me in the back of my neck here and here.

"So, that's kinda my goal. I mean I am getting old. I'll be 42 on Tuesday."

As for Brielle, Kim clarified the 23-year-old had a little work done to her lips.

Earlier this year Brielle decided to dissolve her lip fillers, after four years, saying on social media: “New year! New lips! New hair! Same bitch!”

She said she wanted to “look like 18-year-old Brielle again soon.”

Later she shared going to re-inject them "just a tad."

Kim told Andy in quarantine: "Neither one of us are overly happy with our lips right now so it's a work in progress, but yeah, they're gone, they're pretty much gone."

Still she noted Brielle "wanted to…outline the actual lip line itself so that pops sometimes. There's a fine balance."

She added Brielle does "what she wants to do."

Andy agreed she's "strong-willed like her mother."

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