Lauren Goodger reveals she's having a baby girl and says she knew even before the scan

LAUREN Goodger has revealed she's having a baby girl.

The Towie star, 34, is pregnant with her first child and is thrilled to be expecting a "mini-me".

"I’m a girls’ girl, so it’s amazing for me," she told new! magazine.

"I love the fact I’m having a little girl – my little girl.

"I can dress her how I want and do all the girly things. People say, “'I couldn’t see you with a boy.'

"But I do really want a boy as well, I’m just really happy I’m having a girl – a mini-me!"

The mum-to-be, who is due to have her first child in the summer with boyfriend Charles Drury, says she suspected all along she was having a baby girl.

"I knew, didn’t I?!" she said.

"I didn’t know, but I knew.

"I would have been more shocked if it was a boy.

"When she said I was having a girl it just confirmed what I thought I knew.

"I’ve been to fortune tellers and they’ve always told me I’m having a girl, so I’ve always assumed I’m having a girl.

"When it got confirmed, I was really happy and excited."

When asked if her daughter will be a "mini-me", Lauren said: "I hope so!

"I’m going to be very protective. She’s going to be a little diva."

Lauren said she found out the sex of her baby at a private scan.

"At 20 weeks they check everything is how it should be and check everything in depth," she said.

"I kept saying, 'Is it definitely a girl?'

"And she [the nurse] said, 'I haven’t checked that bit yet.

"She’s really strong and really active on the scans – she kicks about, waves about and sunbathes. My blood tests also came back amazing."

Lauren previously told The Sun how the early months of pregnancy had taken their toll.

She said: “Some days it’s like having a hangover. Even though I’m pregnant and I don’t go out, I don’t drink, I still get that feeling. I thought when I got pregnant that would all be over. It’s not fair.

“But obviously it’s such a beautiful thing and I have this lovely buzz at the same time.”

Lauren added that the response to the couple’s baby news has been “overwhelming”, and said she has been flooded with messages from well-wishers.

"But we are talking about a minority. I’ve probably had a handful of bad messages out of thousands of lovely ones.

“I’m constantly explaining myself when I shouldn’t have to. I’ve never been horrible to anyone, I’ve never hurt anyone. I’m not a bad person. I’m only human and I do have a lot coming at me.

"Eventually that stuff will break you down. That’s why I suffer from anxiety — I can’t take it from every angle.”

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