Little Women's Elena Gant is pregnant with third child as son adorably says 'no thank you' to becoming big brother

LITTLE Women: LA star Elena Gant is pregnant with her third child.

However, one of her little sons seemed less excited by the news as he adorably told his parents, 'no thank you' to the idea of becoming a big brother.

In her new YouTube vlog Elena and her husband, Preston, told their four-year-old twins, Xavier and Kairo, they were going to be big brothers.

But Xavier seemed less than thrilled with the news replying: "No thank you."

Elena then explained the new baby was in her tummy, but Xavier still protested saying: "I don't want it."

She relayed she will share the sex of the baby in an upcoming blog.

Yesterday, Elena posted a picture with her husband after she went for an ultrasound and got a blood test to find out the sex of the baby.

She of her pregnancy on Instagram: "We did blood test to find out the gender of the baby at @b4stork !!!

"It's the best place for ultrasound since husband and partners are not allowed at the hospitals right now!

"Vlog about it is up on Elena's Day YouTube channel, please check it out!"

Earlier this month, Elena and Preston announced in their vlog they were pregnant again.

Elena shared: "We actually have some exciting news for you guys… actually big news because we recently discovered that we are expecting.

"… We just figured it out the first time around when wehad twins. Now the second time around it's like a totally different scenario."

When Elena's twins were born she told People: “As a first-time mom, as a little person, I’m so lucky to now hold two beautiful, healthy baby boys,”

“It was love at first sight, and my husband and I are so blessed with our twins.”

“They have us wrapped around their little fingers and they know it.

“This is the most exciting time in my life – and I love knowing that the best is yet to come!”

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