Loose Womens car crash interview with Lorna Luft slammed Avoiding questions?

Loose Women: Linda tries to ask Lorna Luft about Liza Minnelli

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On Thursday’s Loose Women, Charlene White was back to front the ITV show along with Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Carol McGiffin. During the programme, they discussed a number of topics including online media platform, OnlyFans. The panel also spoke with actress Lorna Luft via video link. However, viewers believed Lorna was avoiding answering any questions about her sister, Liza Minnelli.

“Can I just ask you, have you managed to see Liza over the pandemic and last year?” Linda asked.

“Have you been in touch with her? Do you still manage to see each other?”

Lorna pressed her hands to her headphones as she replied: “The gremlins are in my ear.

“Am I right in you were asking about my mum?”

“No, I was asking about Liza, your sister,” Linda repeated.

“I didn’t know whether you had been in touch with her over the pandemic.”

Lorna continued to touch her headphones, although when she replied she spoke about the pandemic, rather than her sister.

“The pandemic was really scary,” she said. “It was really frightening.”

She continued: “We went through a real rollercoaster of emotions and I got addicted to the news and listened to what they were saying.

“And what scientists were saying about what was really happening.

“It was a life-changing experience, I couldn’t see my children, my grandchildren and all of that.”

Viewers took to social media following the segment, with many claiming Lorna avoided Linda’s question about Liza.

Zoe penned: “Lol these interviews always go so well.”

Marley pointed out: “Doesn’t want to answer the question about her sister #LooseWomen.”

“Another car crash interview,” Jodie pointed out.

While Aiden asked: “Is Lorna avoiding questions about Liza on purpose?”

“Dodging the Liza question there,” Blossom said.

MJB tweeted: “The legend that is Lorna Luft swerving the question about Liza was simply incredible.

“Such a stupid question. Well done Lorna.”

Chris said: “Well done Lorna in avoiding the question about Liza #LooseWomen tells a story in itself.” (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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