Lorraine Kelly admits fooling Weight Watcher members while shedding extra weight

Lorraine Kelly confessed she fooled fellow dieters in order to stay anonymous when she used the WW – formerly Weight Watchers – app to help her lose the pounds she gained over the lockdown period.

In the last year the beloved ITV personality, 62, has completely transformed her lifestyle after she shed a whopping one and a half stone and an impressive two dress sizes.

She admitted at the time that, like many UK residents, she was eating more and drinking more wine at home when the country was forced into a national lockdown following the global coronavirus pandemic.

But the brunette beauty said she is now more focused on eating well and staying healthy after her zest for life returned.

During an Instagram Live back in April, the mum-of-one said: “I’m feeling more confident and wearing clothes not to disguise anymore, wearing clothes that fit me properly and getting into a size 10.

“It does feel so much better, and I am supposed to be a 10 but I was a 14 heading towards a 16 – now there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re supposed to be but I'm not I'm supposed to be a 10 and when I'm not, I'm just not happy.”

Lorraine went on to credit WW for her weight loss success and went on to reveal to the Metro how she went largely unnoticed on the public app while confiding in other members for support online.

She told the publication: "I knew I needed a but of help, so I joined WW and with the help of others and the app I dropped two dress sizes and managed to get back into my size 10s at the end of January.

"Being able to get back into my size 10 jeans was a big deal! I must have put on more than a stone and a half – I was about 11st 10lbs – but for me, it was not just about fitting into my posh black frock that wouldn't go over my bottom but about being happy in myself.

When asked if other WW members knew who they were talking to on the app, the starlet said: “Some of them know but on WW my user name is Lorraine and a few numbers and my profile is Angus my dog, so many people didn’t realise.”

Lorraine previously revealed her weight loss has revitalised her relationship with her loving husband of 22 years, Steve.

She explained: "Steve says, 'I've got you back', because my energy levels have improved.

"I'm up for doing more stuff now whereas before, at the weekend, i would do some housework and then collapse in front of the telly."

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