Love is Blind star Shayne appears to reveal Natalie and Salvador are dating

Love is Blind star Shayne Jansen appears to have revealed that his ex-fiancee Natalie Lee and fellow contestant Salvador Perez are dating! Answering questions on his Instagram Stories, he responded to a fan asking whether he and Natalie hate one another, writing: “Ask @salvdioro8.” 

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His hint that Sal and Natalie might be more than friends since appearing on the show had fans seriously excited, particularly as the pair do appear to be close on social media, and have replied to several of each other’s Instagram posts since the show came out. 

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Natalie wrote: “WRITE ME A SONG,” on one of his posts, while Sal commented: “What’s new Natalie’s number? I’ve been meaning to contact her about her car’s extended warranty,” and “Gurrrl slaying it,” on her posts. 

Natalie refused to marry Shayne on the show

Despite that, Natalie told the Tea with Publyssity podcast that they were not, in fact, a couple. She said: “I know there’s been speculation that me and Sal are dating; we are not. We’re just really, really close friends. That friendship with him, I really appreciate.

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“He’s a very honest person. I feel like when I talk with him, what you see is what you get. I also love his calm demeanor. I was like, ‘Wow, every time I talk to you, I feel a bit better and a bit more calm.’ He really is a great guy.” Aw, we think we should watch this space! 

Things also didn’t work between Sal and Mallory

Fans were also thrilled to hear that Deepti and Kyle also appear to be dating following the show, after their respective relationships with Shake and Shaina didn’t work out. Deepti admitted that the pair were “figuring it out” in a recent interview – and we can’t wait to find out more!

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