Love Island 2019: Former star reveals Beach Hut secret viewers don’t see

Love Island often delivers intriguing moments when viewers are treated to the odd glimmer of a production staff member accidentally popping into view.

It also sparks theories about whether producers are hiding in particular places to talk to the Islanders at a moment’s notice.

And while the drama between the couples remains the focus of the TV show, fans can’t help but want to get the bottom of some of the villa mysteries.

One of these is the use of the Beach Hut.

Something of a diary room, plenty of fans have wondered just how much the Islanders use the garden room out of choice.

Do the contestants enjoy taking to the seat for a brief chat with a faceless person, or do producers summon them to the room for gripping television?

Last year’s contestant Eyal Booker has revealed the truth about the Hut, and shared how last year his fellow Islanders were often so keen to use it they lined up outside on the grass.

He also said residents in the Spanish villa are particularly eager to use the opportunity to “vent” when there’s a problem.

Speaking to, Eyal explained: “No there’s no schedule.

“It’s a mixture of everything. Sometimes you’ll be called into the Beach Hut.

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Yeah sometimes there were queues outside the door

Eyal Booker

“Other times you just go in there. Before you start the process you’re told that the Beach Hut is like your kind of safe haven.

“It’s where you can vent and talk about anything.

“The door’s always open, and I think if you don’t go in there to talk about anything, sometimes the show needs a summary.

“They’ll just kind of bring you in and ask you some questions.”

Asked if Islanders were always happy to share their feelings, Eyal added: “Yeah sometimes there were queues outside the door to go in voluntarily… yeah!

“It’s a place where you go and you vent, and you just kind of think about the situation and your thoughts.”

Eyal went on to add he’s enjoying this series from afar and is thrilled not to be involved in the relationship drama.

“To watch it unfold and know that it’s got nothing to do with me [is great],” the TV star explained. “But I think the strongest couple in there is Tommy [Fury] and Molly-Mae [Hague].

“I think at this point in time they’re the frontrunners to win.”

Eyal went on to say he doesn’t think social media influencer Molly-Mae deserves the “fake” label she’s suffered with throughout this year’s series.

“I’m not too sure what Molly’s really done to deserve this. To deserve this whole fakeness thing,” he pondered. “I think that, like Tommy, they coupled up… I think she’s been pretty genuine throughout. I think she went in there, she liked Tommy.

“She ended up coupling up with Tommy, they’ve survived Casa Amor, you know, they’ve been through some struggles. I think they’re the realest in there,” the ex Islander added.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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