Love Island Abi Rawlings slams editing of pal as she gives warning to 2022 stars

Love Island 2021 star Abigail Rawlings has hit out at the ITV2 dating show's editing style as she threw her support between ex-Islander Faye Winter.

Abi also had a stern warning for this season's stars as the 2022 contestants head into the villa – though she admitted she hasn't watched her own series back in full, as it's "boring".

One star who definitely wasn't boring last series was Faye, whose explosive rows were the talk of the Internet after she exploded at her beau Teddy after Casa Amor.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Abi explained that she was "sad" at how the editing portrayed Faye to be "more fiery" than she was in real life, but that she wasn't allowed to warn Faye of the media frenzy waiting outside the villa walls.

She said: "When I was in holding with my chaperone, I watched the first month of her, and the way they portrayed Faye… I remember saying, 'I don’t think I’m going to like her, she intimidates me already, I think it’s gonna be a bit of an issue, I don’t think we’re going to get on.'

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"Then as soon as I met her, we gelled instantly! We became pretty much best friends overnight, and I was like, 'Oh sh**, that’s crazy how much the Faye that I’m seeing right now is nothing like the Faye that I’ve been watching on the telly.'

"I knew straight away without having to watch the rest of it that her best light wasn’t being shown, and it made me sad for her."

Abi went on to warn future contestants that it's not simply something you can head into the villa and splurge.

"Obviously we can’t say anything to them. Of course mental health-wise, imagine someone coming in and saying the whole world is saying this and that about you," she said.

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"It’s not gonna be nice for her to sit and think about. So I understand why they say don’t say anything, but it did make me sad that this really lovely human was coming across as this real devil.

"Look, you have to say these things in order for them to show it, but while Faye has a hot fiery side she also has this really soft gentle, loving side.

"She was the mother hen of the group – she was always making sure that everyone’s okay, making sure everyone’s dresses and make-up was done and running around after people.

"But you didn't see that side. So it was pretty crazy for me when I first came out and in an interview someone was like, 'Were you actually friends with Faye or were you scared of her?' Is that even a question?"

Abigail concluded by saying: "My interpretation of it is, she’s already so fiery, and I think anyone goes slightly crazy when you’re in a confined space.

"She was in there from day dot, she’s going to go a bit loopy! Faye isn't afraid to show any part of herself, and unfortunately it might have been edited to look a little bit more fiery than maybe she was hoping."

But Abi was quick to add that she hasn't watched much of the show herself after entering the villa, explaining: "I actually haven’t watched it since I’ve come back.

"I started trying to watch one episode [but] it’s actually really boring watching your own life back. You’ve already been there and done it, it’s not that fun to do.

"With me, because I didn’t get too much bad press… if I had people having a go at me or saying stuff or having a strong opinion about stuff I did, I think I would be more inclined to watch it.

"I'd want to know what they'd seen. But I didn’t really have much of that so I wasn’t actually that bothered."

Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITVHub on June 6 at 9pm

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