Love Island Adam Collard is plant sent to split couples up, says former star

Love Island's Marcel Somerville has revealed that he thinks Adam Collard is a producer "plant".

The series three fave reckons that the Geordie bombshell has been put in there to stir things and do whatever the producers want him to do.

Marcel exclusively chatted to the Daily Star during a Facebook Live chat with showbiz reporter Carly Hacon.

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Talking about bombshell Adam, Marcel said: "Do you know what, Adam, I remember from his season he was definitely a player and now he is a bit more mature he seems like he knows what to say to every single girl in there.

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"I feel like he's doing a great job but I'm a bit surprised because they sent in someone from a previous season, surely they've got more bombshells that could have gone in but Adam is working well.

Host Carly then interjected: "He has said exactly the right thing to everyone so I was thinking he's a mole."

To which Marcel added: "He's a plant, there is no doubt about it Adam is a plant. He's been planted in there to rile up every single situation."

He continued: "It's like Jacques, the producers might have wanted Jacques gone and Adam is like there like a mercenary and taking them all down and I think Luca might be next.

"I think Gemma and Luca are very solid but I think there will be something that they will do that will rile them up."

"They are going very smoothly but by all means, there will be some sort of havoc, they tried to do it early by sending Jacques in. How Jacques and Luca became best mates is weird. It is so weird, it is so strange but Love Island."

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When talking about how things are set up, he added: "There are 100% moments when things seem so forced like when they're having conversations when they don't need to have conversations.

"Like when Gemma said to Jacques about how Adam was talking about him and for her to just to bring that up, normally you would let people's dramas happen, but on the show, nothing is kept a secret.

"If it is going to make a story and if it is going to make a plot line then they will get someone to feed it to the information to whoever needs to hear it."


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