Love Island boys turn against snake Mitchel after movie night

Love Island: Ella and Tyrique clash in front of other islanders

Mitchel Taylor’s movie was called The Lying, The Mitch and The Wardrobe and left the Love Island boys questioning his loyalty to them after finding out what he had been saying behind their back.

Throughout Mitchel’s clip he was laughing with the boys and was playing off what he had said about them, but the next morning, his antics cast doubt with some of the boys.

Speaking about the events the following morning in a preview from tonight’s episode, Tyrique Hyde, Sammy Root, Montel McKenzie and Zachariah Noble reflect on the comments made by Mitch during the movie.

Tyrique says: “The most disappointing thing really for me was seeing Mitch, to be honest lads, I think it’s absolutely bottom of the barrel behaviour.”

Sammy adds: “It’s not really acceptable”, whilst Montel interjects: “Guys are normally more loyal to their boys.”

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Tyrique seems to doubt his friendship with Mitch as he quips back: “Well clearly we’re not his boys though.”

Later on that day, the boys gather on the day beds and decide to confront Mitch, with Zach asking: “How are you feeling snake boy?”

Laughing off the name, Mitchel assures the boys that what they saw and heard was out of context.

However, Zachariah seems to think otherwise as he notes: “Nah, I am sure none of that was out of context, bro.”

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Backing up Zachariah’s point, Tyrique abruptly adds: “It just makes me question your character Mitch”

Will the boys be able to put Movie Night behind them once and for all? Will Mitchel be able to keep his mouth shut about the boys in future?

Elsewhere in the episode, Jess Harding is fed up with Sammy’s behaviour for making her feel worthless and confronts him.

Still reeling over what was seen and heard during Movie Night, she tells him: “I’ve been nothing but good to you this whole time.

“And every other day I feel this emotion, I’m so fed up with feeling like this,” to which Sammy interjects: “I’m not going to keep going around in circles, I’m done with going around in circles Jess.”

Jess snaps back: “Yeah because you don’t like to hear the truth.”

Is this make or break for Jess and Sammy? Will she be able to give him one last chance after all he has put her through?

Love Island airs weeknights and Sunday from 9pm on ITV2.

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