Love Island fans call out meddling Jake as he encourages Liam to get to know Lillie

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Love Island fans called out "meddling" Jake Cornish on Tuesday's episode after he encouraged Liam Reardon to get to know new Casa Amor bombshell Lillie Haynes — despite the fact he is partnered with Millie Court.

Liam, who had previously called Lillie "sexy" after they kissed during a dare, was given romance advice from Jake, 24, as he told him to pull her for a chat.

The water engineer said: "You're very interested in Mills, I know that. If this Casa Amor happened and Mills weren't here, you would be boom, boom, boom. "

To which Liam admitted: "If Millie weren't here, I would have been a lot more raunchy tonight, right in there," talking about Lillie further he added: "I'm just very sexually attracted to her."

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To which Jake continued: "This is the difference when you go after people, first the attraction, fit, then you get to know them. But you haven't spoke to her yet.

"I think you need a one-on-one chat with Lillie first, I think first of all, out of all of the girls, Lillie, boom. Just pull for a chat, what have you got to lose? Nothing wrong with that, brother."

Liam then thanked Jake for his words of advice as the water engineer hugged him and said: "Love you mate."

Viewers were left furious with "meddling" Jake with some fans even questioning whether the water engineer, who is in a relationship with Liberty Poole, was living "vicariously" through Liam.

One person said: "Jake is being devil's advocate wowowow #LoveIsland."

A different fan put: "Why tf is Jake meddling so much stop egging the boys on ????"

Another follower commented: "Why is Jake egging on all the lads #LoveIsland," followed by a concerned face.

A different account wrote: "Totally gone off Jake he is egging them on! #LoveIsland."

While another viewer added: "Not Jake egging all of the boys to get to know the other girls. #LoveIsland."

On Monday, Liam, 21, kissed Lillie, 22, during a game where he had to smooch the girl he found "most attractive" and she returned the favour when she had to give the boy she fancied the most a lap dance.

The bricklayer left fans "disappointed", especially as he admitted at the end of the episode that Lillie is "sexy" and that he "likes flirting".

On Tuesday's instalment, Lillie, who shared a bed with Liam, told the Islander: "You make me smile. I feel very nervous around you, in a good way."

To which he replied: "My head is with Millie. But I’m here, I’m not in the villa. I’ve known Millie for two and a half weeks and I've been spending every day with her. Where is your head at?"

With the trainee accountant admitting: "You. I’m not going to even play it cool! I know I’m quite comfortable here. So I’m throwing everything in the bag."

To which Liam confessed: "I’m very attracted to you and I do enjoy your company. But then you know my situation."

He added in the Beach Hut: "I do get on with Lillie, she’s a nice girl. I do think she is very attractive but I’m here just to have fun."

During Monday's episode, Liam "disappointed" fans because as well as kissing Lillie during the game, he also enjoyed smooches with Salma Naran, Clarisse Juliette and Amy Day as a dare.

Speaking at the end of the episode, the bricklayer told the boys: "I had a few saucy ones, they're attractive girls, you know. Lillie, you know, she's sexy.

He then added in the Beach Hut: "At the end of the day, I am a flirt, I do like flirting."

"I prefer flirting with Millie, but then, you know, I may flirt with other people as well. You know, f**king hell," he giggled before falling back on the chair.

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