Love Island fans compare Connor to Joe from YOU as he kicks off at Sophie

Love Island contestant Connor Durman left viewers outraged during tonight's episode of the show as he kicked off at partner Sophie Piper after she excitedly reacted to the announcement of new Islanders.

The coffee bean salesman, 25, was hilariously compared to stalker Joe Goldberg from hit Netflix series YOU after he strongly disapproved of the brunette beauty's reaction.

The end of tonight's explosive episode saw the girls' react to the news that two boy hunks will enter the villa tomorrow night.

Sophie joined fellow contestants Leanne and Shaughna in excitedly giggling about the announcement as they joked about 'making an effort to look glam' for the boys' arrivals.

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Connor appeared furious as he watched Sophie react, telling Mike and Callum that he felt he was being 'mugged off'.

Viewers watched in shock as the coffee-loving hunk stormed off to sulk about Sophie's jokes – leadings some fans online to slam the Islander and liken him to psychotic character Joe from YOU.

During the show, Connor fumed: "She is just f*****g rubbing it in my face. I have no time for that."

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Connor continued to get angry as he listened to Sophie jokingly reply: "I'm buzzing, you should be worried."

He furiously complained: "Obviously I like her but she is waving her hands in the air and that's muggy.

"Don't be telling me you like me and then waving your hands in the air for the new boys coming in. This is when you start to see true colours."

The contestant continued: " If she does start getting all over them, then that's it. I do like her and want things to work but the way she is acting is driving me mental."

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After deciding that the 'mugging off' was too much and that the way she reacted was 'disrespectful', Connor decided to 'pull' Sophie for a chat.

The Essex beauty attempted to calm down her partner by cheekily saying she was just 'winding him up', however he didn't seem convinced.

Sophie said: "I'm just winding you up. To be honest with you, if I wanted to go on a date with someone else, I would tell you."

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Fellow contestants Mike, Nas and Callum watched from a distance and commented on the fact that it was obvious Connor was 'fuming', while one of them suggested he had already 'lost his head'.

The awkward encounter between Sophie and Connor finished with the hunk arguing: "You put your arms in the air, I don't want that rubbed in my face in the first place…"

Some Love Island viewers on social media branded Connor a 'psycho' and likened him to Joe from YOU, while others said they felt for Connor after Sophie 'purposely' wound him up.

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One user joked: "Connor is really Joe Goldberg from YOU, he's got a mask and fake name…"

While another agreed, writing: "Connor is giving me Joe vibes from You."

Multiple memes of Joe from YOU were shared online, with many users making cheeky jokes about the character.

A third quipped: "I was thinking I’ve seen Connor on TV before…"

However, another user stood up for the Islander as they shared: "I feel for Connor I wonder why his so insecure like someone must of hurt him pretty bad."

Another agreed, adding: "Why’s Sophie behaving like that? Connor was so respectful when the twins came in & she behaves like that when she hears lads coming in."

A third supported Connor, writing: "Sophie has well and truly f***** it!! Connor was right to say how would you like it if it was him that said it. Can’t believe she did that and totally tried to let her way out of it!!"

* Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2

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