Love Island fans in stitches at moment Michael spots Maura eavesdropping on Tom

Love Island kicked off on Monday night as Maura still reeled from Tom's cheeky comment.

The Irish model was absolutely livid when Tom joked that he was going to find out if Maura was "all talk," but her blood boiled even more when she overheard the boys laughing about it in the bedroom.

The lads all stuck their oars in, claiming that Maura over-reacted to Tom's gag because she talks about sex a lot herself.

However, little did they know Maura was eavesdropping at the door, and she heard the whole thing.

When Michael clocked the feisty star hiding by the doorway, he desperately tried to get Tom to shut up.

Pulling a hilarious panicked face, Michael pointed at the door again and again and kept mouthing: "Shhh!"

However, Tom was completely oblivious, continuing: "Mate, she's fuming and I don't want an argument!"

While Michael's assistance was lost on Tom, fans at home found it hilarious.

Sharing a clip of the moment, Michael wrote: "Best moment so far #LoveIsland".

While another added: "Michael trying to shut Tom up is honestly the best thing ever #loveisland ".

"Everyone NEEDS a Michael in their life #LoveIsland ," a third wrote after watching the scene unfold.

Luckily, as Tom headed out to apologise to Maura she managed to run away from the doorway in time.

Needless to say, he didn't end up in the hideaway with Maura that night, but luckily managed to win her round the next day after a lot of grovelling.

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