Love Island set for dramatic U-turn as Michael flirts with Amber leaving Joanna raging

If you thought the drama from Casa Amor had calmed down, you were wrong as tonight’s episode kicks off once again.

Love Island bosses have released the first insight into today’s episode and new girl Joanna Chimonides is not a happy bunny.

In the short clip, tension unfolds as former couple Amber Gill and Michael Griffiths makeup and end up flirting. 

While sitting on the outside beanbags, the video shows the 26-year-old firefighter complimenting Amber as she blushes. 

“I know you’ve got a heart of gold, you’ve just got a strange way of showing it sometimes”


Michael tells her: “I know you’ve got a heart of gold, you’ve just got a strange way of showing it sometimes.

“And yeah, you do make me laugh.”

Giggling, Amber replies: “Yeah, I know that – I know for sure.”

But while stuck in a small villa full of your co-stars, it’s very likely someone else is going to overhear your private conversation and unluckily for Michael, Joanna was lurking close by.

While Michael chuckles, Joanna looks fuming as she watches on with Jourdan.

The drama began after Michael decided to ditch Amber for Joanna while she was away at Casa Amor.

On her return, Amber was greeted by the pair during a brutal recoupling which saw her break down and call Joanna a “dead ting”.

Michael then blasted Amber for her comment, labelling her “childish” and “pathetic”.

However, it looks like the pair are getting on very well now… 

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