'Love Island': Some Fans Are Calling Cashay 'Shady' and Turned on Her Following Casa Amor

The Love Island contestants recently split up for the men to get to know singles entering the Villa while the women enjoyed newcomers in Casa Amor. After returning, many fans have began to turn on favorite Islander Cashay Proudfoot, admitting they’re finding it hard to “root” for her due to “shady” behavior.

Cashay Proudfoot previously a fan-favorite of ‘Love Island’ season 3

During the initial coupling, Cashay Proudfoot found herself paired up with Christian Longnecker before Melvin “Cinco” Holland, Jr. entered the villa shortly later and chose her.

The two seemed to have an instant connection and seemed the perfect couple until Trina Njoroge expressed her feelings for Cinco, confusing him.

He decided to pair up with her on Day 11 and Cashay went with newcomer Isaiah Harmison. Still hung up over Cinco, the New York native dumped Isaiah and paired up with friend Korey Gandy before revealing her true feelings in Operation Heart Attack.

Ultimately, it worked as Cinco admitted he still cared for Cashay and wondered “what if” he hadn’t chosen Trina. However, he failed to let either woman know where he stood with them before they left for Casa Amor.

She still wants to figure things out with Cinco after bringing back someone else

At Casa Amor, Cashay met Charlie Lynch, a new Islander she thought she “manifested.” He quickly made it clear he had eyes for Cashay and they instantly clicked.

Although she revealed her confusing situation with Cinco back at the Villa, she repeatedly assured Charlie he wouldn’t be a second option if he returned with her. When they returned, Cinco and Trina chose to stay with each other and Cashay came back on Charlie’s arm.

However, Cinco quickly admitted he regretted his decision and made it clear he wanted to pursue Cashay. Therefore, Cashay and a couple of other girls gave Trina advice and helped her move on by moving her bedside next to Olivia Kaiser and messing up his sheet.

Cashay also revealed that she still wanted to see where things could go with Cinco to a few of the other Islanders, even though she believes Charlie is the perfect guy for her.

Fans now think Cashay is acting ‘shady’

Many viewers began to take notice of Cashay’s behavior and one user took to Reddit to explain why they felt their former favorite Islander started acting “shady.”

The fan noted she thought Cashay only returned with Charlie “as a backup” and wanted to “entertain” both men at the same time. They also believe the New York native is treating her new guy the same way Cinco treated her and Trina and think she’s “enjoying” the attention.

Additionally, they think it’s “shady” that Cashay helped Trina move beds only for her to continue pursuing Cinco. Another Redditor agreed, calling Cashay a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” while several users admitted they’re finding it hard to “root” for the New York native, even though they still enjoy her personality.

On the other hand, one viewer pointed out that Cashay might have felt “obligated” to pursue something with Charlie, especially since he repeatedly claimed he only wanted her. Additionally, they noted Cashay was honest about her lingering feelings for Cinco and might not have wanted to “look stupid” by returning to the Villa alone. Love Island 3 airs on CBS.

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