Love Island winner Finn Tapp lets slip what contestants have on their phones

Love Island's Finn Tapp has revealed some juicy behind the scenes secrets and shared exactly what is put onto the Islanders phones.

The winner of the winter series in 2020 exclusively chatted with the Daily Star to chat all things about the new series and about his time in the villa also.

Fans of the ITV2 dating show will know that all of the contestants have phones, and they play a big part in communicating between Islanders and aid with the dumping ceremonies.

Some viewers will also be aware of the fact that the contestants are not told the time, and are never made aware of it during their time in the house. But wouldn't they be able to see on their phones, you ask?

Finn, 21, explained the situation to us: "They actually wipe the time off the phones, I didn't know they could do that until we went in there.

On the phone, there is no time anywhere, the number of times I tried to find out how to get it, but they just wipe it completely.

"You literally have your photo as the screensaver and then you have the little message thing where you can message other Islanders and you can access the Love Island chat here you receive the 'text messages' from.

He also revealed that the lineup are never shown their promo shots before going on the show, and the first time he saw his was on his phone screensaver.

Finn added: "When I first had my phone I looked at it and it was the first time I saw my photos and I remember thinking 'omg this is the worst photo I have ever seen and if this is the one that's gone out to the whole nation then oh, my god'.

"I was very like 'wow, that is the worst photo I've had of myself' and I think that everyone does think that too.

"I actually had a night flight and a few beers on the plane and I woke up when I got to Cape Town and within two hours I was getting the photos done and thought 'oh no, this is not good'."

Finn is currently still dating his Love Island queen Paige Turley and since leaving the villa the pair have coupled up together in their Manchester love shack.

The duo stole the hearts of the nation during their series for being two total sweethearts, and have continued on their dating show fairytale every since.

Finn also revealed that the pair have already spoken about tieing the knot and agree they will do it when the time is right.

He added: "Yeah we deffo know we want to be with each other for the rest of our lives, as soppy as that sounds, but we are taking the time to enjoy life and it will come when it feels right."

When asked if it will be him to pop the question or would it be possible for Paige to do it, he was quick to chime in.

"Ohhh no, that will be me. I think I would be a bit taken aback if Paige got down on one knee. When I do it, I think it will be in the style of a big gesture that's for sure."

Love Island continues on Friday night on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm

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