Love Islanders accuse Jessie of being fake and fans dont know who to side with

Love Island hopeful Jessie Wynter has divided the internet with some fans believe she’s “snakey" while others are standing firmly behind her.

Australian contestant Jessie is currently loved up with TikTok farmer Will Young, with their only hiccup being when Will kissed a bombshell during Casa Amor.

But in recent episodes, tensions rose over Claudia Fogarty’s relationship, or lack of one, with financial advisor Casey O’Gorman.

During Monday night’s episode, which also saw Samie Elishi and Tom Clare enter the hideaway, Casey finally bit the bullet and told Claudia that he was choosing a recent bombshell, Rosie Seabrook, over her.

Casey then took issue with the fact Tom Clare and Will seemed to support Claudia through the breakup and negate his feelings.

While the lads seemed to move past the tiff fairly quickly, Jessie pulled Casey aside for a rather awkward chat on Tuesday.

“I’m just letting you know my opinion,” Jessie told Casey, who replied, “Okay, I don’t really care.”

“No, it just feels like you’ve dragged me over here to have a bit of a go at me,” Casey hit back, earning a grimace from Jessie. “When really now it’s not the time.”

The final few moments of the conversation were hard to watch as they exchanged few words and instead made faces at one another.

The rest of the episode saw contestants such as Olivia Hawkins, Lana Jenkins, Maxwell Samuda and Ron Hall call into question Jessie’s intentions with Will, with both Olivia and Maxwell branding her fake.

Ironically, fans had previously said the exact same thing about the above-mentioned islanders.

Fans took to social media to discuss the episode, with one person supporting the Australian with: “So Olivia was shown in 4k chatting s**t about everyone to zero consequences, but Jessie's too passionate defending the girls and she's public enemy number one? Right.”

“Maxwell has no right to be talking about Jessie when he’s coupled up with the biggest snake in there,” another said, with a third adding, “Jessie literally said one sentence to Casey and he’s still going on about a day later.”

But not everyone agrees, with one fan penning: “Not maxwell clocking into Jessie’s fake tears.”

“Jessie might finally be exposed for being fake. it’s so clear icl,” another said, with someone else arguing, “IM SORRY WHY IS JESSIE FAKE CRYING RIGHT NOW. AND WHERE ARE THE TEARS PLS.”

A fourth continued: “All these opinions about Jessie coming from nowhere like I wanted this to happen bc she’s fake but damn.”


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